The Progress Of Our Environmental Concerns: Are We Moving Forward?

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It’s an old issue, that’s for sure, but the environment continues to play a significant role in our day-to-day lives be it politically, economically or just aesthetically. Politicians campaign for environmental issues, economic issues of rising gas prices push us towards alternatives and pollution gives us the aesthetically displeasing appearance of smog in and around our cities

Is Global Warming & Pollution Socially Acceptable?

For over 20 years we have had an increased awareness of the environment and the impact that humans have on the world around them. We’ve been constantly told about global warming, climate change, pollution and sustainability – to the point that the issues are now almost universally accepted as significant challenges to the planet’s order by even the most hardened sceptics.

But how much time is left? And what progress is currently being made to quell the fears we have over the environment.

Technological Progress

The technological advances of recent years have undoubtedly had an impact on the environment. This is due to the fact that the increasing sophistication and efficiency of these renewable energy technologies means that they are becoming more viable as alternatives to fossil fuels.

We’re not quite there yet, that’s obvious. But progress is being made. Solar panels are probably the most recognizable technology that has gained momentum since the turn of the millennium. Although they have been around for many years before that, the technological advances and decreases in manufacturing costs has made them a very affordable option.

This is probably the most important thing, making these technologies a viable economic choice – as well as an environmental one. Hopefully, these technologies will continue to advance and eventually overtake their ‘dirty’ counterparts. The trend is pointing to this, and it is backed up by data. According to StatisticBrain the number of solar panels shipped in the U.S. has increased from 3,645 in 1990 to 10,511 in 2009. So the growth of production and use is there – although there are significant advances that still need to be made.

Recycling & Waste

Most people nowadays will practice some form of recycling. There are many schemes that allow us to do this, but it’s not just about recycling your old tin cans. Commercial waste is becoming a big thing. With businesses under increasing scrutiny from customers, and with their reputations at stake on social networks such as Twitter, it’s become almost essential for businesses to show that they are eco-friendly or face a backlash.

Commercial waste is significant because it is so substantial – so the fact that businesses are recycling more is encouraging. It’s beneficial to all involved that these environmental issues are so important, as the business benefits from increased reputation by complying with environmental concerns and then the environment itself benefits too.

There has also been some progress in terms of the way we dispose of non-recyclable waste. There are an increasing amount of waste disposal companies making use of an energy from waste plant in order to promote their services as environmentally friendly. These plants incinerate non-recyclable waste and use the heat to create steam that then spins turbines to produce electricity. They also filter and treat the exhaust, ensuring emissions are minimised. So it’s encouraging that waste disposal companies themselves are becoming more eco-friendly.

The process of recycling and waste is undergoing a continual process of refinement, which is a clear sign of progress. It is a matter of mitigating the harmful ways in which we dispose of our waste – which is a sure sign of headway. In order to fully mitigate these harmful ways in which we dispose our waste it will be necessary to come up with more innovative methods of disposal – or work towards a reduction in the non-recyclable materials that are used in our waste.

When All Is Said & Done

It is quite easy to be all doom and gloom when discussing the environment. However, there is significant progress being made. The hope is that Obama’s administration invests in renewable technologies to help them become more efficient and cheaper to install and run – this will be crucial as an economic incentive towards these environmental technologies is crucial to their success.

There will also need to be a development or refinement of the way we manufacture disposable goods, as well as dispose of them. Ideally, everything we use will one day be able to be recycled fully and will put a stop to all polluting waste. All in all, we’re making progress – but there’s a long way to go yet.


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13th Jan 2013 (#)

The governments have been subsidizing big oil companies directly or indirectly. It is indeed time every household is encouraged to become self-sufficient in energy needs to unshackle the hold of big oil companies through renewable energy. Poor countries are looking to America to lead in this vital sector. This will also lessen global tensions as most are beholden to few oil exporting countries - siva

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