The Real American Tragedy

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The real american tragedy is Trump and the Republicans today.

The Real American Tragedy

"The history of the world is still being written by Valiant's and Cowards, by heroic and treacherous acts, the vanquished are restrained, the victorious write it, the courageous die and the cowards steal the glory." This quote pretty well sums up what has transpired through-out the history of the world. Even more poignant for the times of today.

The United States is at center stage right now with a President who by his own actions and rhetoric have proved to the world that he is both incompetent, amoral, and boarder line insane. He continues to agitate and antagonize practically every leader in the world. He is on track to put this nation into situations that could ignite World War III. With Trump and his cabinet as well as an ineffective and cowardice Republican led Congress have unleashed a torrent of anguish on the already disillusioned public. Our own elected officials to date can't see the forest through the trees in terms of economic balance or see the damage already inflicted by Trump both domestically and internationally.

The cowards on center stage, Trump and company, have managed to unnerve the rest of the world. Before this mad man took office there was leadership coming out of the Oval Office. Now, there is just mayhem and confusion.The actions and rhetoric out of this President with the supporting cast of gutless Republicans have purposely engineered an agenda that only perpetuates the growing wealth divide. Never mind the majority of Americans who continue to wallow in anguish and despair. This is a President who goes out of his way to antagonize foreign dignitaries and has by his own actions put the United States spiraling out of control. Down into the abyss where this country will never be able to regain the balance in our society that is so desperately needed.

The impact of Trump and Congress is being felt all across the country while the rest of the world is watching as to what will happen next. One of the biggest concerns now is will congress finally get it's act together and realize what this wrecking ball of a Presidency is actually doing. A President who thinks he is the self appointed savior but is actually an narcissistic ego maniac who is jeopardizing the safety and stability of not only the United States but the whole world. And, with the Republican led Congress who are so afraid of loosing their grip on their own reelection fear any attempt to censor or actually force impeachment to remove this President face their own defeat in the next election. A fear that is universally unjustified. For if they don't initiate a removal of the President they will most probably not be reelected.

We have to remember what brought this nation to this point. For over 45 years disingenuous policies both foreign and domestic by our government have turn the tables on the American public. Sixty years ago the majority of Americans were actually able to achieve the "American Dream. " Today that majority can only dream about achieving "the American Dream." The tables were turned alright. Turned by corruption at every level of government, Wall Street, and the corporate world.

In just a little over 10 months this President has managed to tear apart the main safety nets that provide some of the basic essentials for millions of Americans just so that they can survive another day. Now, with this proposed tax plan is a prime example of how far out of touch this President and the Republicans are to the majority of Americans. A tax plan that is sabotaging the financial and medical security blankets that keep afloat an economy that is barely keeping it's head above water.

We have to remember that as the wealth divide get wider the poor are increasing in numbers every day. With this increase the political influence the poor have has disappeared. No longer do they have any political say in the laws that have only made the wealth disparity gap grow wider. It is a sad fact in America today that as the wealth gap grows correspondingly there is a growing lack of opportunities to earn better wages or just be able to find employment. This harsh reality is especially true for African Americans. Need we remind all that most of the racial tensions occurring all across the country are do to the fact that there is so little or worse yet there are no opportunities available to pull themselves out of poverty. We have seen race riots and we will see more just because there continues to be so much anger and frustration over an economy that really is fixed.

An American tragedy is playing out on the world's stage. The supporting cast of Republicans have only accelerated the downward spiral this nation is headed. All over this country lies a Leviathan bringing more misery, desperation, and hopelessness. The great imbalance in our society has created a torrent of anger and frustration that continue to deepen the open wounds of our country. And, as long as Trump and this cast of characters of Republicans remain on center stage concerning questions have to be asked.

Could it be that America's best years are actually behind us? Could it be we the people allowed through our compliancy and apathy let a democratic government morph into the oligarchy titan of disingenuous policy makers? Sad to say the answer is a resounding yes. Now, the ultimate question is: what has to be done to preserve this nation that grew from the seeds our Founding Fathers planted well over 250 years ago? We have to remember that a true democracy can only survive by a participating, educated and moral society. It is too this end to safeguard our liberties, put balance and stability back into our society that only through complete and total reform can the United States preserve our heritage, obliterate the oligarchy in government and restore an economy that works for all the people.

The path to this result is by no means going to be easy but, without total unequivocal resolve to implement National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation the United States future is in grave jeopardy. Remember the fate of Ancient Rome. Without these reforms America will suffer the same fate. It is just a matter of when. And, most likely very soon. The hand writing is already on the wall. We have to reform this economy and our own government to save the future for us all. It is in our hands to reverse this real American tragedy.


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