The Russians Are Fighting, The Russians Are Fighting!

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There have been two amazing developments in the absurd witch-hunt of Donald Trump.

The Russians Are Fighting, The Russians Are Fighting!

The first of these is purely domestic; District Judge T.S. Ellis made a stinging attack on the motives of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, inferring that the prosecution of Paul Manafort for alleged offences totally unrelated to any supposed Russian collusion is really a collateral attack on the President. Nobody can have expected this, but many pundits who know what they are talking about have made the same claim about this and the related prosecutions, none of which have anything to do with Russia.

Radio host Dan Bongino summed it up best when he said this unprecedented attack on Trump and all those around him is intended to deter any independent-minded billionaire coming along in the future and attempting to fix a broken system in like fashion. The raiding of Trump attorney Michael Cohen was another over the top abuse of power. Whether or not Cohen paid porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep her big mouth shut, and whether or not she actually had sex with Trump twelve years ago, is not the issue. The question that should be asked is why hasn’t Miss Daniels been arrested for extortion?

The second development is truly amazing. In February, the Special Counsel issued indictments against thirteen Russian nationals for allegedly interfering in the American elections. Cynics like Lee Camp said this was a purely cosmetic exercise because none of these individuals was likely ever to set foot in the United States, and there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. However, it now appears that last month, two American lawyers hired by Concord Management (indicted along with Concord Catering and the Internet Research Agency) have been instructed to defend the indictments. This puts the Mueller team in an embarrassing position, because a defendant in a criminal case is entitled to discovery/disclosure of the evidence against him. We already know the evidence for so-called Russian collusion is based entirely on the so-called dirty dossier, and that this was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

It is clear there were indeed political advertisements placed on Facebook by Russian nationals and unquestionably others relating to the last US election, but the idea that these influenced the dumbed down American public to vote for Trump instead of Queen Hillary is too silly for words. The appearance of these two lawyers has really set the cat among the pigeons. Doubtless true believer Adam Schiff will see the hidden hand of Vladimir Putin behind it. The Russian leader has far more pressing matters to deal with at present than playing games with idiots, but he will undoubtedly have heard of these new developments from one of the briefings all politicians of his stature receive, and he is undoubtedly already laughing up his sleeve.


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