The Russians Are Laughing, The Russians Are Laughing

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The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.

The Russians Are Laughing, The Russians Are Laughing

If you’ve ever done any detailed research on a scandal that has made the headlines, what you will often find is that the mainstream media tells you one thing, the documentation tells you quite another. To take just one example, the Reprieve organisation - a so-called charity - has consistently reported that convicted murderess Linda Carty, currently still on death row in Texas, did not receive a fair trial. Reprieve has gone the extra mile and then some portraying Carty as the innocent victim of a bizarre conspiracy and a useless lawyer. The UK press parroted these sentiments, but when you check out the documentation including of the witnesses, which has all been made freely available by Houston Police, it is clear Carty’s guilt is overwhelming, whether or not she deserves to be executed.

Likewise, the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic, and the anti-Trump social media, has portrayed the Trump-Russia collusion narrative as a certainty. Indeed, no calumny has been too vile to heap on the President and his team, including his family. The BBC has been guilty of this misrepresentation as in this report by correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan.

Whatever the BBC or less reputable media claim, the facts of this case are now exposed for all to see. The NSA and GCHQ as well as other agencies constantly monitor electronic communications without warrant, and have done so since before Edward Snowden was born. While they are unable to stop terrorist outrages, especially by lone wolf attackers, if there had been any meaningful communication between Donald Trump or any of his agents with the Russian authorities prior to his capturing the Presidency, it would have been exposed. The nature of any such collusion has yet to be made clear; this year plus witch-hunt of Trump is arguably the first criminal investigation in history without anyone being able to say what the purported crime actually is.

The indictments handed down to a number of Russians in February sound impressive, but it took a comedian to explain their real significance. It is now clear that rather than being a conspirator, Trump was the victim of a conspiracy, arguably the biggest and most audacious conspiracy ever in American politics. There is now compelling evidence that the conspirators included Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, several of Comey’s underlings including the recently fired Andrew McCabe, James Clapper of the NSA, at least two other senior members of the Obama Administration, and possibly Obama himself.

The plan was to boost the outsider Trump to ensure he won the Republican nomination or at least cause havoc, and then - just in case he won - to frame him as a puppet of the Kremlin. The so-called dirty dossier - dirty for want of a stronger word - was financed by Hillary Clinton, a fact she hid. This sordid document was almost certainly written by two of her trusted lieutenants rather than by Christopher Steele; it cost a staggering amount of money, presumably to buy silence all round, and to disguise its cost, the fees were paid through an intermediary law firm, an act that constitutes money laundering in addition to seriously breaching both election regulations and ethics. It was this fake dossier, and only this dossier, that was used as a pretext to wiretap Trump Tower. When Trump used that word, he was laughed at, but only his semantics were at fault.

The pronouncements of the increasingly imbecilic James Comey have now as good as exonerated Trump from the other claim of the conspirators, that he somehow obstructed justice. Comey claimed to have authored a series of memos concerning his meetings with the President; it was widely and unsurprisingly believed these memos were written after his dismissal and were therefore entirely self-serving, but now they have been released it is clear they are genuine, and as Trey Gowdy has pointed out, they are exhibit 1 in the defence of Trump.

The response to the release of these memos and Comey’s ill-fated book tour has come from the Democratic National Committee with the issuing of an utterly absurd lawsuit which accuses Trump, Wikileaks, officers of the Russian Federation, and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all of stealing the election. Some have claimed this is a publicity stunt or a fund-raising effort. If it is the former, the people behind it will soon realise that not all publicity is good publicity; if it is the latter, how many deluded wealthy Democrats can there be out there?

While it is true that Russian hackers have accessed American computers - government and otherwise - so have numerous others. The so-called Hound of Hounslow managed to cause a financial crash single-handed, and phishes are so commonplace that surely everyone with an e-mail address receives them, mostly on a daily basis. The fiction that hackers, Russian or other, accessed Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and released them has been thoroughly debunked by among others William Binney. These were not hacked but were copied to a memory stick, almost certainly by Seth Rich.

Whatever the motives of the DNC, this lawsuit appears to be the latest manifestation of what has been called Trump derangement syndrome. The Donald is continuing to drive the media crazy, but when the proverbial finally hits the fan, the antics of the Clinton cabal may sound the death knell for the Democratic Party, or at least keep it out of power until Trump’s youngest son is himself old enough to run for the Presidency.

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author avatar Glenn Addington
13th May 2018 (#)

Well done, sir!! We could only hope all this anti-Trump foolishness would die. Since repentance is probably not a reality for these people, it would be wonderful if they would shut up, leave the country, and find some other place to show off their crybaby perspectives.

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