The Russians Aren’t Coming, The Russians Aren’t Coming

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As the Trump-Russia probe disintegrates, allegations against the Putin Government have begun taking a sinister tone

The Russians Aren’t Coming, The Russians Aren’t Coming

If you thought the Cold War ended in 1991, you were half right.Two years after the Berlin Wall was torn down, the Soviet Union disintegrated, albeit with more than a little help from reformers like Mikhail Gorbachev. The red menace was over, and the world could look forward to a new era of relative peace and growing prosperity. That prospect was shattered rudely on September 11, 2001 when one of the most monstrous crimes against helpless civilians in history was perpetrated by ninenteen fanatics armed with boxcutters. The resulting War On Terror ushered in a new era of repression as on the pretext of saving us from being murdered in our beds by Islamist fanatics - many of whom would do just that - we saw increased surveillance, strengthened state power, and mass subversion of individual rights.

This latter extended to indefinite detention without trial, torture, and even extrajudicial executions - murders - of terror suspects, and if a school was mistaken for a terrorist training camp then bombed by a drone, what the heck, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

The latest manifestation of this hysteria has been increased censorship. On the pretext of taking down terror videos, YouTube has been closing down “right wing” channels, and while literally millions of unscreened migrants have been allowed indeed encouraged to pour into Europe, researchers like Lauren Southern have been excluded from the UK as potential threats to national security.

With Western Governments acting in this manner, what can the Russians be doing that should bother ordinary citizens? Leaving aside the tricky matter of Ukraine, the cartoon above is or was, we are supposed to believe, a threat to the American political system. After months and months of probing for a mythical connection between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted thirteen Russian nationals for interfering in the election process by posting such puerile nonsense as the above.

To those who watch CNN rather than listen to Judicial Watch, HA Goodman or Dick Morris, these indictments are proof of evil Russian intent. If you are willing to tolerate a little profanity, comedian Lee Camp has produced a fifteen minute rant on this subject which gives a far more plausible explanation of the activities of the Internet Research Agency than any of the nonsense peddled by Congressman Adam Schiff or Rachel (born on April Fool’s Day) Maddow.

While there appears to be some evidence that real crimes were committed by some of these Russians - in particular identity theft and perhaps some minor on-line fraud - there is no prospect of any of them ever appearing in an American courtroom to stand trial for, in the words of Lee Camp, the crime of commenting on the American elections without being American. Is there a major news outlet anywhere in the world that has not committed the same crime?

While this farce continues in the United States, real crimes have been committed in the UK. Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were targeted in a unique fashion, by nerve agents. There has been talk of a series of deaths, and for those with slightly longer memories, there was the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

Unlike the Trump-Russia nonsense, there is credible evidence of Russian state involvement in the attempted murder of the Skripals, and Theresa May has called on the ambassador to explain what if any role either Russian agents or rogue agents played in this shocking affair. The last thing we should do though is jump to conclusions; the authorities need to carry out a full investigation before aportioning blame. The first or most obvious suspect is not always the guilty party - ask Lewis Sproston. Furthermore, the stakes have never been higher. The Cold War is long over, at least as far as the Russians are concerned. Let’s all keep it that way.


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