The Ugliest Games of Politics

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These days power is everything for politicians as they play the ugliest games around to fool the people. These politicians spend money in crores just to get elected. They also know that they can recover the money they spent in getting elected in no time once they are into power

Most Politicians Are Fake Today

Politicians today do play the ugliest games which hurts people and also effects the overall developments of the country. During election times, these politicians will be very polite towards people by giving them fake promises which are actually only for time being for the sake of voting them. Later on when after they get elected, these politicians forget everything about those fake promises made during election times and only interested in making some good money with the power they have. People are just used by these politicians here just to get into power. Most of the politicians of today are never ever interested in meeting the interests of people or even in the development of the country as their main focus will be only on money and will be constantly monitoring different ways of making money as they have also power which they will misuse to mint money

Criminals Getting Elected !

It is heartening to see many politicians becoming criminals also by indulging in dirty acts as they always know that they can come out clean with the power they have plus the money factor as in most of such cases, money does speak which is the ugliest truth. There are also some politicians who stand for elections even while serving criminal punishment which is actually a mockery of law system which should have never allowed such criminal serving jail term to stand for elections. What service they can give to the people who have elected them? I don't understand the logic behind this as in most of the cases there are also people voting for them! This is the tragedy of ours as these criminals are also getting elected and become a politician to serve us!

Serving People is Important

Olden day's politicians were really good as they were more simpler than the high fi politicians of today. Those politicians from olden times were actually working for people and doing development works for the country. There were many politicians these days who were not even looking onto their own things as much of their time was dedicated to the people then. There was a genuine interest in them doing god things around and politicians of today remember people only during election times. This doesn't mean that all politicians of today are corrupt and non working as there are a few good hard working politicians even today, but they are always in the hiding and not in the main picture like other corrupt politicians who are always in news for one thing or the other. Because of these worst politicians, the whole system has been polluted


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