The Ugly Face of Ragging

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There are many students around the world who undergo ragging sufferings which are effecting their carriers very badly.There are many cases were students even succumbed to this worst ragging menace

Tolerating Ragging

Ragging is the worst thing that can happen to anyone when they are entering a new college, a new job etc. The worst part is that new entrants have to suffer with mental torture all along as they may not even have peace to pass there regular day's. Most of the times, it is the professional college which has more number of ragging incidents which worsens if the college authorities do not take appropriate action when such incidents are reported. There should be public awareness created for the ugly face of ragging issues and if the concerned authorities doesn't respond here, people should fight for it as that is the only solution left to get things under control so that all those suffering juniors will also have good times in new places. Concerned government should handle these situations in a far better way than it is now

Young Students Suffering

Recently there was some news of juniors ending their life because of continued ragging harassment in some college. Though this news is really horrifying showing how serious is these matters of ragging, it doesn't seem that anyone in responsible positions took any serious action on these as even now ragging is still going on. Students joining new will have to go through many mental tortures in ragging that they cannot even concentrate on anything and finally take their own step of ending their life. The matter like these are very serious and have to be noted by the government to stop this at once before it gets too late to solve the problem as it might worsen too deep. There are so many young students suffering because of these ragging issues all over the world.

Responsibility of Seniors

Like everyone, even junior students have all the right to live comfortably in new college and the role of seniors should be to help their juniors to overcome their fear of new surroundings and of meeting new people. Seniors should actually make their juniors get adjusted to the college quite fast as this will make everybody to live and study well in their college life without having this huge differential banners of juniors-seniors which is really bad. As there are also some seniors who say that they were also ragged when they entered the same college and now they want to pay it back by ragging their juniors! Does these lines make any sense to anyone? if these seniors believe that, then they should catch the same person who ragged them but not punishing the juniors and making them feel the same harassment as they got in their initial day's. This mind set of seniors should change for god and everybody should join together to stop this ragging menace at once as it will help many present students and also future students


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