The Unconquerable Sun

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“The Unconquered Sun, is darkening, it has returned to it’s place of Origin as of 7/22, having reached pi, he is cleansing himself and preparing for the great battle
between the Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light.

A bowlful of wrath from God

The radiation that has poured forth out of Fukishima is the direct result of mankind impinging upon the FREE WILL of the Sun..for this the earth faces extinction just like in the days of Noah.
The Sun is a self-luminous ball of gas held together by its own gravity and powered by thermonuclear fusion in its core

The reaction of the sun is the direct result of impingement upon it’s free will. Mankind looked to conquer the unconquerable sun!

Both the prophecy of Hendaye and the sun dagger of Chaco Canyon, are warning signs of what happens to life on earth if the knowledge of the sun, or it’s nuclear fusion is brought to earth….

there is destruction, there is the lake of Fire that we call Fukishima, there is untold misery caused by the power that is unleashed upon the earth by the abomination that makes desolate.

Angry sun at Hendaye:

The base of the cross bears four images. The first three are astronomical symbols, including a star-burst, a moon, and an angry-looking sun face surrounded by stars. The fourth panel shows an engraved oval (sometimes called the “mystical almond”) split with a cross and showing four “A”s, one in each quadrant.

The cross of Hendaye gives the exact time and events of the great galactic crossing, the exploding star (massive coronal ejections) and the exact time when the sun will become angry…this is not prophecy but the cycle of events that happens every 26,000 years…the sun would reach the great galactic cross and the great solar system cross on the same day, and it would set off a chain of events….that we have been witness to, all except for the exploding star or sun, which is now in progress…

The prophecy of Hendaye is a re-enactment of a prior event that the earth goes through, the Earth is made new by fire! everything is burned off in the severely is up to the sins of men.

The wages of sin is death, and that is the cutting off of memory, from one generation to the next..This is why we have repeated our own errors and have returned to the days of Noah.

The angry sun becomes evident when sin reaches heaven. Sol Invictus, the unconquerable sun….however Mankind has indeed tried to conquer it…they captured the power of the sun in words a small symbol that brought the knowledge of how the sun works into the earth…E=MC squared. Instead of ridding ourselves of the vermin who did this evil deed, We gave these scientists awards and rewarded them greatly, while the two witnesses lay dead in the street between Sodom and Egypt.

The earth had received the gift of the light of the sun and as a gift the earth produced life and all creative processes from that gift.

Mankind, given free will, have lived on the earth in the ‘fallen’ state. The greatest sin is the impingement of free will…mankind has tried to justify and rationalize impingement of free will on the physical, mental and spiritual levels…

Impingement upon free will is complete when the limit of death is incurred. Cain slayed Abel in the field. The ultimate impingement of freewill is the loss of life, or bringing someone to the limit that we call death.

Mankind impinged upon the free will of the Sun…the Sun reacts each time man has the mental ware withal to enslave the sun and force it against it's will, by giving up it's knowledge of itself.

The sun's reaction is to seek the balance of the universal law as it is applied to the crystalline formation of creation.

We have made the sun angry. The world will be born anew through fire, the sun has begun to explode. The sun had reached it's place of origin on 7/22/2013 according to the sun dagger in Chaco Canyon.

The dagger is a timepiece, it records the suns movements through the earth's movements, the solar system's movements and the galactic movements…It is precise, and the native Americans who created it did so because the sun always reveals WHAT TIME IT IS!

The Sun Dagger represents the weapon the sun must become in order to take back the light that has been stolen from it!

The sun is now exploding. Massive coronal ejections have been causing major upheaval in the earth's mantel. The last few years seen untold volcanic reaction, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The sun is now blowing chunks, it is puking up it's guts, it is aiming it's massive power directly at the earth. The power of the sun is not yet known physically, but the alignment of the axis is about to become confused, as the earth is literally knocked over..

We are now back, back in the days of Noah…and God had destroyed the earth leaving only a small remnant of his creation…but look and behold god had put his rainbow in the sky as a symbol of his pledge never to try and destroy mankind again. The rainbow was god's promise that no matter how wicked man became, God would not destroy the earth…that he would give mankind the law, to protect himself against tyranny, both foreign and domestic….

So mankind received another gift…the law. The law provides a safety net against certain destruction. Mankind was told that as long as he practiced the law, he would be free from certain destruction…The law would keep mankind safe.

Unfortunately mankind has disregarded the laws.

I have asked god “if there is one Just or righteous man, please do not destroy the earth, but Alas, there is no one who will uphold the law…it is and was our only savior…and we call him JESUS CHRIST!

This is why the prophecy of Hendaye reveals “Hail oh cross, our only hope!”

There is no ignorance on the part of mankind as it pertains to the law. Men were given the law to protect themselves against destruction….that was the meaning of the Rainbow in the sky….

God then left it up to mankind to chose life and more abundantly, or destruction, outer darkness and the gnashing of teeth…

The verdict is in, the penalty is being imposed….even if mankind disposes of the rule of law….The universe will not….The sun will impose it's right to take back what mankind has stolen…


Fukishima, Gods Bowl Of Wrath, Lake Of Fire

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