The Underthrow of the Venezuelan Government using Jamaica as the Template

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How the Jamaican Government was underthrown in 1980 and how the very same methods are being used in Venezuela today

Before it Happened

They sent Anthropologists to Chile when Salvadore Allende became President. The most revolutionary graduates went happily, because here was an elected communist government.

They had a lot of 'lame' areas of study such as, 'the role of the housewife', to which they assigned those who wanted more exciting stuff.

The budding anthropologists noticed how much beef these Chileans ate, and commented on it in their treatises.

Shortly after there was a 'beef' shortage in Chile.

The people protested, it got 'out of hand' and Allende was murdered and replaced by a good old fashioned pro-US dictator.

There was no way that student, who had gone to Chile and did that report, could not know that it was her little ethnography which helped the CIA overthrow an elected Government.

Living in the Land of Sweet Jamaica

There was time that Jamaica was almost paradise. Schools were free. From primary to University. Merit was the criterion.

There was a time everything worked, hospitals, road repair, and salaries were high enough to cover needs for prices were cheap enough.

There was a time everyone dressed down, no one drove BMWs, so you couldn't tell just by looking that the guy in a tam and jeans was the actual Minister of National Security not a guy who delivered packages.

Of course, the salary for a Member of Parliament was no greater than for a High School Principal. One went into politics to serve, not to be served.


They said Michael Manley was a communist because he had close ties with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Forget how many people went to the U.S.S.R. to return with degrees and become dentists and opera singers, doctors and chemists; and that it cost them nothing.

Forget all the freebies we got with no strings attached, forget all the Cuban doctors who filled the clinics so that the poorest person in Jamaica would get the same care as the richest.

They said Michael Manley was communist, and the CIA set about underthrowing him.


It is a very easy method. No boots on the ground, no foreign targets. Send in the Anthropologists and have them find out what is 'basic' for Jamaicans, and then, take it away.

There were shortages in Jamaica. Not a bad mango season, not imported spare parts for land rovers. Rice, cornmeal, tinned milk, and powdered detergent were missing from the shelves.

These items do not suffer spoilage, there was no global rice weevel, no vicious corn fly which cut production. These items were hoarded by local entreprenuers who were in the pay of the CIA.

Just as in Chile the people protested the shortage of beef, in Jamaica they protested the shortage of these products.

When ships arrived, the horders cleared them and locked them into warehouses. The media mouths whipped up the people and the 'loyal' opposition was able to get these items and sell them on the street, but 'married' to others.

Hence, a higgler, (our term for a street side hustler) would tape a bag of detergent to two tins of butter beans and one would have the buy the lot at an inflated price. The higglers posted themselves around Tivoli Gardens, the strong hold of the Opposition.

People who were afraid of going into the 'ghetto', people who liked to complain, would sit around and complain and couldn't wait for the minute to vote Michael Manley out of office.

A glance at Ghana

At the same time, Jerry Rawlings was the leader of Ghana. He'd taken over in a coup. The same kind of underthrow was tried with him.

Jerry wasn't Michael.

Jerry went to a warehouse, shot the owner, opened the warehouse, and soldiers sold the goods inside at set prices. Once that warehouse was empty, he went to the next one which opened quickly.

The shortages were over. Underthrow failed. Jerry Rawlings stayed in power until he chose to step down, not when the CIA decided to step him down.

What happened to Ja?

In 1980 Michael Manley was voted out of the office and the JLP took over. Conspicuous consumption was all the rage as the salaries of Members of Parliament rose by ten, and education slowly but inexorably returned to being the preserve of the Upper Class, with enough holding pens for the Middle and lower classes.

Health wasn't important. If you could pay you die.

In 1989 the People's National Party returned to power, but the days of the 70s, the days of 'socialism' were gone.

Today, Jamaica is a 3rd world nation moving to 4th. Nothing works, everything is expensive, and people race to leave, legal or illegally.

Jamaica is a pawn of the United States, doing what it is told or being punished.

So there's a Lottery Scam?
Vybez Kartel is charged for murder.

Ganja is being legalised, put a lot of obstacles in the path so that instead of being able to become the world's greatest and rise out of poverty, restrictions will make it easier to grow cassava.

The destruction of Jamaica is directly linked to the underthrow of Michael Manley in 1980.


America hated Hugo Chavez a little less than it hated Fidel Castro. No matter what tricks were tried, neither could be toppled. Those in the pay of the CIA were scorned. And Venezuela was doing fantastically.

Then Chavez died and was replaced by Nichola Maduro. The same policies of Chavez but a man not as beloved.

Shortages began, getting worse.

With a mix of Jerry Rawlins and Michael Manley, Maduro had moved the military in to nationalise the Dia a Dia supermarket chain to prevent a shortage of sugar.

Unlike Michael Manley, Nicholas Madur speaks out against the right-wing supermarket owners who horde goods to make the people suffer. He had learned from history. He knows there is no shortage, he knows there is hording. He has posted pictures of warehouses crammed with sugar, corn meal and toilet paper.

Hopefully, the people of Venezuela won't be as easily fooled as Jamaicans, and understand the nature of underthrow.

Hopefully, the CIA will back off and leave Venezuela alone and go bother Boka Haram, ISIS and other such groups which really are a threat.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Feb 2015 (#)

America is up to its eyeballs trying to engineer another coup in Venezuela. Let us hope the country's people don't let it happen.

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author avatar kaylar
5th Feb 2015 (#)

They underthrow seems to have had its effect, Maduro's brilliance in taking over the supermarket may be useful.

Having live through one underthrow, a country never recovers, because it is the people who over threw the government, not an outside force. Or so you think.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Feb 2015 (#)

You weave an interesting history lesson. Underthrow is not something people hear of often.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Feb 2015 (#)

I lived through it. I saw how it works and since then, I am very alert to this kind of 'invasion'.

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author avatar Kingwell
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

I love your work. You tell it as it is! Blessings.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you Kingwell

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author avatar M G Singh
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

This is a great and incise post

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author avatar kaylar
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

thanks madan

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