The Voice Of The People

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The voice of the people are being drowned out by self serving elected officials.

The Voice Of The People

It is not too strange today to think that our very own elected officials fail time and time again to do the work that the public in which they are sworn to do considering all the bills that would make a difference in the lives of so many people never made it outside the halls of Congress. Too often state and Federal legislatures have ignored or withheld passage of bills that the majority of citizens supports. It is not only their own constituents either that support passage of a particular piece of legislation. But, all across the country we have seen mass public support for a specific bill only to have our elected officials refuse to acknowledge that support.

In Florida for instance, when the medical marijuana bill was introduced where over 60% of Floridians supported legalization of medical marijuana the state legislature turned their backs on the public and voted it down. That is after they already knew that over 60% of the public approved legalizing medical marijuana. Just think of the tax revenue, like Colorado. Needless to say the state legislature of Florida continues to be ignoring the majority of the publics concerns.

Just this past November Senator Warren introduced legislation to offset the misdirected way the cost of living increase to Social Security is calculated with her Save the Benefits Act. This bill specifies that each eligible Social Security beneficiary will receive over $550 in a one time payment plan to cover the cost of living increase if that increase was calculated fairly. As of December 30th right before this new year over 75% of Americans support passage of this Save the Benefits Act. Of that 75% over 96% of seniors support and actually need that increase to cover their day to day expenses.

It has been for quite some time now that the audacity of Republicans in congress is more evident today for their overwhelming reluctance and even a down right refusal to allow the Save the Benefits Act to pass. It is just like their refusal to acknowledge Global Warming and Climate Change when there is more than enough scientific evidence to support that our fossil fuel industries are it's prime cause. It should come to everyone's attention that when there is an overwhelming support for any piece of legislation whether it is for Social Security, medical marijuana or climate change and the legislature refuses to pass legislation in favor of that support proves once again that our democratic process has been compromised.

These are serious issues that need an urgency to resolve. The longer our elected officials continue to ignore the rule of democracy and resort to a self perpetuated cause where money flows to power that power is then corrupt. What we have today is not a represented government of the people and for the people but a government bought and paid for by the all powerful few. A self serving bureaucracy drowning out the voice of the people.

Then again, perhaps the American public have only themselves to blame for the inefficiency of government. Even though there is mass support for a piece of legislation but that support won't turn into realization unless it is followed through with action to ensure it's passage. When indifference and apathy out weigh resourcefulness and resolve as we have seen even when there is an actual consensus that a bill has merit it is no wonder then that legislators continue to ignore the voting public.

It is time that the American public step up to the plate and be involved in the democratic process that our founding fathers envisioned for this country. Until all of us realize that through education and a participating involved public our way of life continues to be threatened by our complacency and our apathy.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Jan 2016 (#)

you really strip it down to bare bones dear Tim...saying it As It Is...
if only those who need to do right would...
then the sun would shine at night and the moon in the day time..haha..
a very happy New Year to you and all your loved ones my very dear friend...

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