The World Of Now

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How Trump is attempting to push America back into the 20th century

The World Of Now

Never before in American history has a President started his first term with the lowest approval rating. Here sits an incumbent President who flat out relishes and embellishes his own brand of narcissism. Within just a week into his Presidency he has crossed the line in ethics, violated protocols, and moved this nation closer to starting World War III. With a few strokes of the pen in Executive Orders he continues to slice and dice every major accomplishment that President Obama undertook in promoting world peace, renewable green energy technologies, and infrastructure restoration. That includes upgrading our electric grid to the point that rolling blackouts and other disturbances would not occur.

In his zeal and lust for power and control over the American public he continues to unleash policies through Executive privilege. This is something he wanted all along. We, the unsuspecting public were fooled into believing his rhetoric when the election was taking place. Too many were beguiled into thinking he actually wanted to make as he puts it "Make America Great Again." But, like a wolf in sheep's clothing he managed to pull the wool over so many eyes and we woke up learning that the unthinkable became a reality.

Now, as he puts gag orders over federal employees in his denial in climate change, ushers in the renewal of the Keystone Pipe line and is attempting to put a 20% tax on goods coming from Mexico to pay for that insidious boarder wall all will have devastating effects on every segment of the population. If you think food prices are high now just wait. On top of that in five years or less more than 40% of our population will be priced out of fresh water in we let Trump get away with all that he wants to do in making America Great Again.

As we focus on the Keystone Pipe Line many don't know what these pipe lines actually can cause in relation to our environment. It was when Trump was nominated back in July that an oil pipe line in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan broke open and spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Saskatchewan River. The broken pipe line is owned by Husky Energy Inc. The effects were immediate causing the town of North Battleford to immediately shut down it's water intake from the Saskatchewan River. It is the Saskatchewan River that is the sole source for fresh water for much of the surrounding towns all along the Saskatchewan River. The effect was immediate forcing thousands of people unable to attain fresh water until an alternate source could be provided. Delay's were unavoidable and like Flint Michigan thousands of people today are still without access to their fresh water resource because of that pipeline leak and another that occurred just last week when Trump was inaugurated.

Think of the coincidence when Trump was nominated. It was then that a pipe line ruptured. And, now another pipe line ruptured on the day when he was sworn in. Could it be that someone or something was trying to tell us something? We may never know but when you factor what else is happening with oil and fracking in the United States has to be a real wake up to our most astute leaders of state. Of course the media is almost totally absent in covering what is occurring in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has now become the epicenter for earthquakes in the US. What the oil industry is continually doing with fracking and drilling in Oklahoma is that they are using high pressure waste water infusion into the ground which in turn forces the earth to respond in the form of earthquakes. Just within the past year there has been over 650 earthquakes all measuring 3.0 or higher on the Richter Scale. It has been every year since the oil industry has been using fracking as a means to extract oil or coal Oklahoma has seen dramatic increases in violent earthquakes.

With Trump now in control and with his designated Secretary of State we should be reassured that our energy will be provided by Big Oil and Gas. As most of the rest of the world is steadily weaning off of fossil fuels the new found Trump Administration is hell bent on providing the American public with outdated, pollution generated and climate change inducer energy sources right from the first industrial revolution. Neanderthal thinking at it's best.

It is time that the American public rise up in unison and challenge the unvisionary policies that the Trump Administration is putting forth. These policies are a real threat to our democracy, our way of life and the peace and stability of the world. There is a plan of direction far removed from the tactics that this President is trying force upon the United States. But, to often the media as well as the elected officials who by the way have an obligation to the American public are oblivious to it. It is too many of today's politicians are solely focused upon the monetary gains their office will provide. If we let Trump run over the American public in his quest for control and power the country that my grandfather and father knew will be no more.


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