The Year of the Outsiders

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Details the Election of 2016 and how it is the outsider candidates drawing attention.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson

2016 is shaping up as the year of the outsider with Donald Trump, and Ben Carson seen as maverick candidates for president. They have been leading the polls recently for the Republican nomination as establishment and tea party favorites are struggling in single digits, with only Ted Cruz breaking into double digits. The frustration of voters is beginning to come to the surface on issues of illegal immigration, the loss of jobs to foreign countries of China, Japan, India and Mexico. Worries about retirement, healthcare, energy costs and terrorists are on the minds of many Americans. Additional concerns about families burdened by debt of student loans, and out of control credit and mortgage loans as individuals hope for a glimpse of the American dream. Only Washington insiders, and lobbyists seem to have the ear of the politicians.

Donald Trump is a success businessman who is at 30 to 40 % in the polls has tapped into this energy of voter's rage and is winning voters hearts by storm. He promises to end the flow of undocumented workers coming into the country and lowing real working wages. He promises to bring the jobs home to the United States using corporate tax policy with rewards and penalties to bring investment income back home.
He has promised a wall on the southern border of the United States to protect the country from terrorists as memories of 911 and the Paris incidents are still in the minds of many. He also promises to save benefits such as Social Security/Medicare without privatization. He has stated a promise or benefit made is one commitment to keep. Only Mike Huckebee, and Kaisch have presented similar sentiments of protecting benefits with the Establshment and Tax Party wanting to raise the retirement age, privatize or cut benefits of these programs.

Ben Carson has tapped in the American people’s concern over Sharia law and radical Islam fundamentalists. He also has raised the issue of traditional Christian values being eroded under Obama and time for moral renewal.

This frustration of the general public promises to make this election season a highly unique and entertaining.


Ben Carson, Donald Trump

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Dec 2015 (#)

Most issues we face are self-created. To solve them we need cleansing of our minds and inclusiveness in approach rather than rhetoric. Pride goes before a fall.

The best way forward will be to strike a deal for disarmament as that will do away with hypocrisy too.

I cannot help but connect Trump with another who mesmerized his countrymen through global exploits to subdue others. They give a veneer of invincibility only to fall flat or even worse when elected - siva

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author avatar Retired
18th Dec 2015 (#)

It has been pointed out that if Donald Trump had invested his inheritance in a trusted savings scheme he would have made more than he has through all his business activities. In other words, he is not even any good as a businessman!

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