The "big guys" versus the "little guy"

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Especially when you stand up as an individual, the world can seem like a daunting place where the overconfident "big guys" always win and the "little guy" who stand up always loses. This article is about that phenomenon, and even how to win as a "little guy".

Starting off as an individual and ending up a great individual instead of a mediocre stereotype

The ideal of American thinking and action is the individual that ends up a great individual, not just a big government-connected stereotype. In short, Mr. Smith may go to Washington, but Washington does not have to become Mr. Smith, or does it? The point to that "or does it" is mediocrity sneaks up on even the best of us when sheer unawareness is combined with overt idealism.

The nature of conscience is understanding that idealism has to be tempered with realistic thinking.

Sure, I am not saying abandon your ideas and become a total pessimist trying to get all you can. I am saying though, think and act on reality in a realistic way and you will get the best results. This section starts off as simple statements, but I will go in-depth into what I mean in future sections.

The underdog with a clear idea is better than the colossus without a clear idea of where it wants to go

This is the David and Goliath principle in a nut shell: The 'Goliath' can be a big, bloated government with "all the power", but the 'David' can have efficient, great ideas of where to go and what to do and win against that governmental Goliath. That right there captures the whole point of this thing well.

The construction work earth mover machine with a little driver in charge of moving mountains of dirt gave me a thought: What would all that power be without a little man, with a mind controlling it all. It would just be there like a "Goliath" without capacity to control itself. Strength without clear direction is still weakness. Learn that lesson well, and you will get somewhere no matter how weak you seem. All David had was alertness, clear direction and a slingshot, Goliath had "everything" behind him. I could mention more, but this story has been told so many times that most of the readers get it. But, for you who do not get it. With all your getting, get understanding.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st May 2015 (#)

I have a feeling America has been a Goliath unable to harness its resources judiciously, both internally as well as externally. There should be a consensus than eternal division to the extent no one agrees on anything - siva

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author avatar n.c.radomes
31st May 2015 (#)

In reality there's no such things as big or small guys, They're mere creation of the mind. Insisting that they do exist would only add problem to smoothen interpersonal relationship. Treat everybody as equal and you can enjoy listening to the brook sings.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
31st May 2015 (#)

I wanted to spark some good commentary, and this is good.

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