The effects of an oil spill on land

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When we think oil, we think about money. Everybody knows oil producers are rich but do you know these people aren't always perfect, and there can be toxic byproducts of oil drilling

Oil drilling and leaks

Some people complain a lot about oil and gas being drilled near their residence.

I will first before facts share the story of a family that this is real that it is dangerous to drill gas and oil. At least to these people,

Carl Johnson and his son Justin had a wastewater pipe break on their property where they cared for cattle. They wouldn't have very many if any cattle left all because five years ago an unnamed oil drilling company broke a pipe in New Mexico's high plains. An estimated 420,000 gallons of wastewater went on their land

The Johnsons land in September 2015

This wastewater could be the byproduct of oil drilling taking a healthy piece of land and almost makes it dead or close to it. They had grama and bluestem, and shinney shrub that was touched died.

Right now in September 2005 that have a landscape that was supposed to raise cattle and now it is dead and no more cattle graze in that land.

The Johnson's are taking the company to court and have bills in the tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills he has to find a way to pay.

Facts about oil spills

If this isn't bad enough, they have to worry about the aquifer under the house to make sure it isn't contaminated.

There was a study by the Associated Press, and the results are frightening.They studied 11 states that drill the most oil and gas from the years 2009-2014. They found 21,651 spills of wastewater. There could be more that but not all the people are reporting them, So there may be more. These waste water come from one of three ways. Number 1 they are there is a storage tank, and it overflows, There are unscrupulous companies that purposely dump the wastewater on somebody's land and a pipe breaks.

Wastewater is not always called wastewater. Sometimes they are called producer water, brine water because there is so much salt and is also called saltwater.

In oil spills, the microbes and minerals of the soil absorb them, and it is a much harder and expensive and takes a lot of time to clean up waste water spills.

It also makes the animals sick, as in Melvin Reed, a rancher. Melvin had to shoot some cattle because they were so sick looking and suffering from drinking the water, which they saw and ate grass that was exposed to the wastewater.

Is this oil drilling good or bad what do you think?

Source Drilling boom means harmful waste spills John Flesher Beaver County Times September 14, 2015
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