The greatest liars in the world

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How the indian intelligence agency officials are the most shameless and dishonest liars in the world defaming hardworking honest harmless domain investors, webmasters, paypal account holders in India for personal gain and hatred

Some indian intelligence agency officials are the most shameless liars in the world

If a competition was held to find the greatest liars in the world, some of the officials in the Indian intelligence agencies would easily win the competition as few can match their skills and lack of conscience, in making up completely false stories for personal gain, greed or hatred or if they are bribed to do so .
A look at the great lies of these powerful intelligence agency officials allegedly in R&AW, CBI, NTRO.
- When they want to destroy the life of their engineering college classmate, a single woman, they will falsely claim that the lazy greedy cheater sluts who sleep with them, brahmin and other cheaters, have the impressive resume of their engineering college classmate who they hate. None of these sluts and cheaters have worked as engineers, yet these top officials have no qualms giving fake references to these frauds. Why dont these officials say that they are giving fake references fr

- they will falsely claim that all the content including this article has been written by the semi literate brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar,to justify the salary the lazy greedy brahmin crook nayanshree is getting from R&AW as reward for cheating the real content provider of more than $1800. Why not officially state that R&AW is wasting indian tax payer money on paying the fraud brahmin nayanshree a salary, because she is a Brahmin fraud with powerful friends and relatives, she actually does not do any work

_ they are falsely claiming that the goan sluts, siddhi, obc sunaina, who sleep with them, Gsb brahmin cheater riddhi,nayanshree , asmita patel, veena, ruchika are paypal account holders, domain investors, webmasters and engineers, when it can be easily provded that these frauds are not connected with the paypal account and do not spend a single paisa on domain names.
Why dont the top officials openly admit that they are making false claims because google, tata, paypal have bribed them, to defame the real Paypal account holder and domain investor, None of these lazy greedy mediocre women do any work or spend any money online.

- They are making false claims of black money, when they have no proof , to send an income tax notice, after 5 years of surveillance of the person they are defaming

- they are making false allegations of security threat to deny fundamental rights, cannot make or receive phone calls, smses, emails, postal mail, what security problem can a harmless civilian with no powers, vehicle, weapon, tortured daily or interaction with others pose to others. For 40 years she posed no problem, just because tata, google, paypal bribed these officials they are making allegations without proof.

Why do these powerful officials waste so much tax payer money to spread completely false rumors defaming innocent harmless people , do not face professional and social censure? Why does the innocent harmless person being defamed , tortured, cheated and exploited have to waste so much time, money online and offline to defend herself against the false rumors, so that others are not misled or duped by the powerful liars.


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