The next solar flare that hits us will destroy us all!

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This article will be about solar flares, technology, and why we should be worried about solar flares. Also, there was an idea I suggested that could save the majority of the population.


Technology is REALLY common around these parts. The neon signs, the street lights, and all that good stuff. Your TV, the electronic that you are currently using to read this article. About everywhere you see, technology is there, and things that are made by electronics. However, I am talking about "electrical technology." A solar flare takes on a form of a hoop on the Sun, and it is a pretty GIGANTIC one. Hitting Earth is fatal, and once that happens, the fate of human kind would go from a big pipe to a tiny string. If you are still confused, this article will explain what I am really talking about. I actually worry about the day that it literally happens, because once it does happen, it happens. Enough confusion, lets start shall we?

What are solar flares?

A solar flare is not some Dragon Ball Z move, however it is when a bunch of magnetic build up happens around the sun, and suddenly erupts. Radiation goes from EVERY single thing in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is why it has to include electronics. Another point to prove this is an event we have to worry about is because how it has happened in 1859, where the explosion was so powerful that the people were able to see it. Known as the Carrington event, the solar flare destroyed typewriters! These are practically electronic, and there is one more thing. There has been another solar flare, and this had happened in 2013. We should have been dead by now if we were in the way of that blast! While we have became more reliant on technology, the blast be worse if it happened now.

Is there a way to be safe from it?

The real way to actually survive this type of event is to be in an environment without electricity. Or discover a type of new technology that doesn't run on electric power, rather something like magic, or something pretty much mythical. And lastly, another way to live the solar flare is that you buy an acre or more of land, and start to make sure that everything in this acre is literally technology-free. Afterwards, you can attempt to add a dome made out of glass around it, just in case if there were to be a fire starting right beside that acre. (There is one thing however, that this may be a pretty expensive process, but the government are a bit more capable of making an environment safe for solar flares.) It took the other solar flare 1868 around 17 hours for it to arrive, so you know when it will happen, and the right time to go in the dome.

If it were to happen now.

One thing that I had wondered is that what if a solar flare comes out without a warning, and we are not given a warning whilst it is coming at us? Many people literally have a phone in their pocket, and they also have watches, and the other things that people carry around with them. That is one problem, if people are not aware if the same solar flare incident happens again. Assuming we live in a world where everyone owns a phone, and they were obsessed with it that they never let it go. This easily would mean anyone wielding any type of electronic is literally an easy kill for the solar flare. But, technology is way too mainstream that it could get this world obliterated one day. Because a solar flare is capable of destroying the world at this point, from wildlife, species, and pretty much the major things in the world! Noting that Japan is a very technologically advanced area, I believe that Japan would be the most obliterated island in the whole entire world!


Technology gets more and more involved with our lives. The solar flare could possibly be blocked, or if there was either a way to deflect it, or rather concentrate it and use it as solar power. But of course, the power of a solar flare is so strong that it could either destroy or overload a solar panel! It really does sound like deflecting water from fire by using fire. We could decrease our use of technology and disable it all. However, we have went too far to turn back now, and whatever that solar flare blows at us, we can't exactly do anything about it. Besides, when it comes to science, our levels of curiosity are so strong that sometimes, we can steal ideas and kill people over what they own in order to figure out the answer they were seeking. Finding a discovery can put you in the book of known scientists, and give you enough money to live a life without worrying about being poor. But, if the solar flare really happens, where will YOU be?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

I read about we are entering the sixth major extinction. It will will be worth our while to cooperate to survive than destroy each other - siva

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author avatar Retired
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

There are a few misconceptions here.

First off - no typewriters were destroyed in 1859! Typewriters do not use electricity and so therefore cannot be affected by any form of radiation. What happened in 1859 was that telegraph systems were affected and some telegraph operators got mild electric shocks from their machines.

Second - a solar flare is an event that takes place on the Sun and is there no way in which a flare could reach Planet Earth!

However, a flare can send vast quantities of electromagnetic radiation heading our way in the form of a coronal mass ejection (CME). This is what hit Earth in 1859 and missed us in 2012.

A large CME can easily disrupt Earth's magnetic field, and one visible effect would be auroras visible at all latitudes. Electrical power systems would be severely disrupted, not to mention communication systems based on electronics, including the Internet.

A radiation storm could be dangerous to astronauts on space stations and would do communication satellites no good at all.

However, apart from the astronauts, there is no reason to believe that living creatures would be put in harm's way. Such events have occurred many times in the past and have not led to mass extinctions!

OK - such an event happening today would be highly disruptive and very expensive to recover from, but systems would recover in time - although the Internet might cease to operate for a few weeks!

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author avatar LivelyAurora
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Sorry, my bad. Should look for more reliable resources.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article and John thanks for adding to the article. The last thing I need is one more thing to worry about.

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author avatar Retired
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Was worried about the world ending. But I know we can still change... I think so.

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Interesting share. No one knows just how many times life on earth has been virtually wiped out. Hopefully this time we can do better. Blessings.

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