The rise of Zenaphobia in the u.k

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The rise of fascism and votes for right wing parties

The rise of british fascism

All over the u.k the English Defence League have been having marches and protesting against immigration and generally using the marches to be as offensive as possible, under the ageis that 'England is for the English'. What they dont realise is that the economy is absolutely nothing whatever to do with immigration. The white working class communities have been marginalised for decades which cause justifiable anger- but this is nothing to do with the people who come to the u.k seeking a better life for themselves and their families.If the EDL are there to protect the white working class why then are they not protesting against draconian austerity measures and welfare reform? Because those divided by prejudice cannot unite- and they know this full well.This is a deliberate and calculated attempt to play on the ignorant and ill- informed in order to direct their anger against the innocent.

You can see examples of this in history -Rwanda ,Germany and Cambodia to name but a very few. Ignorance and want exploited by others for their own ends is dangerous and must be stopped now. It is up to the Individual conscience and our innate decency to see the EDL for what they are - Evil ignorant bigots encouraged by the financally elite to divide the working class for their own benefit.

Just because their are thousands of idiotic fascists does not make them right. Every person that supports the EDL and UKIP demeans us all as human beings. I for one understand that austerity measures and welfare reform were the work of the government to preserve the wealth of the rich, and not anything whatsoever to do with innocent hard working people who wish to better themselves.


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author avatar M G Singh
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Nice post. But without the colonies England is just a shadow and such fascist groups have emerged because of this.

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