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How to best get your music depending on your lifestyle

Let me begin by saying...

The Why. I don’t know if I’d call myself a music junkie but I really love listening to music. I grew up in a family that listens to all sorts of things and were never shy to blast them from their speakers. Then I gained friends that are always more than happy to share newly-unearthed music they heard/found somewhere. I felt a part of me died when MJ died (dance/music legend. double whammy), then NU died, then local/international bands broke up (rapid succession). I would always feel elated when I discover great music only few people listen to, then feel cheated when it gets a lot of airplay and everybody LOVES it too (selfish, haha). I like going to concerts (though I haven’t been in one in a long time. ugh). And on regular lazy days, I always get back to the last book I marked in my books-to-read pile and listen to music.

So I got to listen to a lot of music last summer. And decided to do my first rating/review entry on music sources- what music media would best suit your music taste and lifestyle. So you can get your music the way you want it. So read up (then crank up the volume! ).

The Criteria. Aside from the intros explaining how each source works, every music source will have certain characteristics listed- prerequisites for playing, playing time, pluses and minuses, and my personal rating- to ease you in your music-exploring process. The choices are listed here and are ranked 1-5 with 5 as lowest rank.

Disclaimer. My personal ratings are reflective of my preference based on my lifestyle. I’m a part- time online employee and a part-time student. If your preferences are different, then by all means choose the one for you. )


These include,, and You type in their search bars whatever kind of music you'd want to hear and they would show you the most relevant updated result. You can search artists, song titles, album titles and lyrics too. :)

Needs. Computers and a stable Internet connection.

Playing time. As long as you want or as long as internet is available.

Pluses//Minuses. You get to explore the genre/artist/album you typed in. Sometimes when searching you discover versions of songs you never knew existed- extended versions, mixes, covers- and you have the opportunity to listen to them. In searching, you can also stumble upon new or new-old material you haven't listened to.// Too dependent on internet speed- slow internet, longer time before music loads. The searches only puts out what you know. Sometimes, the searches don't even know what you know.

Rating. 5. I don’t have all the time in the world. I don't always have the time to type and search and wait for music to load. I use these only when I need lyrics or I just watched cool choreography to a song and I really want to listen to the song again. If you visit these sites often anyway, it’ll be great if you include music in searches.


These are just like your normal bars- food, cigs, booze- with the additional live band performing. Unlike other venues, you don't really go to these places to eat, drink and be merry (though that's a very great plus), you go to listen to whoever's playing. The usual places to go lists 19 East, Saguijo, Merk's, and Conspiracy. Since most music fans have genre preferences at different days of the week, music bars specialized. Either the bars play specific types of music on special days or play just one genre as an establishment. Biker bars and dance clubs is to reggae bars and jazz bars.

Needs. Some form of transportation to get there (car/commute money), a free night, coming with friends (better option)

Playing time. all through the night, baby. :P But they're open when the sun's down. No music when the sun's up.

Pluses//Minuses. food, drinks, choose your poison, company. Usually these places are esteemed and have to uphold reputations so you are guaranteed bands that make great music// really bad traffic on major gig nights. to some its pretty expensive, to others its really lucrative. For the independent/non-working/working but are trying to settle necessities, its a hard blow to the budget.

Rating. 4. If I need to load off of major stress or if somebody's buying for me or if it's a historic gig, I'd go. The sea of really appreciative people makes you ride along their current. It makes you really listen well and grasp the moment. But if I'm just looking for new music or need a soundtrip, I probably won't list this as a top option.


You don't own the music, but at least you can play them whenever, wherever, however! It's like you’re in a movie- your every situation can have background music to set the mood. Your PC, mp3 or iPod are the usual players. You can also put them in disks/casettes (yes people, players for these still exist), for the old school feel. :)

Needs. An mp3 player/iPod with charged batteries, players for casettes/CDs, earphones/earplugs/speakers, a computer and software to upload your music into your player.

Playing time. battery life.

Pluses//Minuses. Freedom! You can choose to enjoy music alone (through earphones/earplugs) or with others (through speakers). Since these devices store more than music, you can also enjoy lyrics and videos that come with them.//limited memory. Although companies that produce storage devices increase memory every new product launched, you can't really fit all the music you want in it. Sometimes you have to face the dilemma of choosing to keep or erase some songs because they don't fit anymore. Also, it's memory is your memory too. You put what's in there. This is the least spontaneus of all the options listed here. Even if you play your music at random, you know what music is in there. No discoveries here. :)

Rating. 3, tied with radio. These gadgets are very useful for me at times. Loading edited songs- cuts and mixes- is the biggest plus. I dance a lot so that's really helpful. This music source calls for sentimental. sound trips or those times when you really want to memorize the song and have it on repeat. As mentioned previously, you can't really discover anything here that you don't already know.


You can’t get anymore old school-er than this. This is the birthplace of the music industry- if you don’t include classical artists playing for royalty and the church, then this is it. TV kept releasing triple threats- actors, singers and dancers. The radio, on the other hand, demands only that you hear and listen. Even if there were radio dramas before, all you can do is listen and imagine how scenes play out. Today, there’s radio almost everywhere. Shuttles, jeeps, cars, cellphones, fast food, restaurants, the internet, even your portable players have radio access. Much like your music bars, radio stations cater to certain markets. If you scan through the airwaves, you’ll discover that we have radio stations for pop music, novelty music, classical music, and club/house music. Some stations feature music for certain age groups on certain days having segments playing music from just one decade. Some stations feature one genre for a show like new wave for a night. I listen to jam, UR, or sometimes RJ and magic.

Needs. A radio. Good reception.

Playing time. As long as the station is running.

Pluses//Minuses. Radio shows, radio hosts. Choices on genres. Possibility of discovering new music/updates on new releases. // Not that much freedom. Aside from your one request, you can’t control whatever’s aired.

Rating. 3, tied with playlist. There’s spontaneity in listening to the radio which is even magnified when you don’t control it. This is where the DJs come in. Like your local waiter/hairdresser, we all have preferences over radio stations, radio shows and radio DJs. So what usually happens is I wait for the DJs and/or radio shows I like before I listen. This would’ve been the best music source if it wasn’t for the waiting and scheduling. If you’re always in a car, then have a go at it.


For all conservative, exclusivist music lovers, nothing can beat a record. They say having a new casette, cd, 45, LP and playing it for the first time is one of the best experiences you can have. This is how art sells anyway- the following buying artists' works. Audiences buy tickets to plays, shows and concerts; patrons buy paintings/sculptures or sponsor exhibits; stylists reserve outfits for rich clients to wear; and we, music listeners buy copies of the music we like.

Needs. Players for your album- CD player, cassette player, record player. Some place to plug that player in.

Playing time. Usually an album contains 20 songs or less. So however long that takes.

Pluses//Minuses. Investment especially if you buy special editions or collector’s item versions. Most especially if you buy albums of legendary artists. For this living generation, I think owning LPs of Michael Jackson or the Beatles would really REALLY matter. Also, additional artwork. If you’re like me and you also pay attention to the itty bitty details artists put in their albums- how tracks are put together, extra tracks, freebies like stickers, patches, pictures, postcards, album art, lyrics, etc. then you’d love albums as well.// Eats up storage. One artist at a time. You can’t choose listening order. More often than not, artists make only a few great albums. Most times, they make great songs then put in other filler material to make an album. You end up buying an album and not liking the whole thing.

Rating. 2. This kind of makes me a stuck up conservative exclusivist, huh? (haha) I only do this if I really like the artist or if the album’s really good. That’s what they have listening areas for in record stores. Also, this makes for a good timer when I work- one album, one hour. I have great music while working and I get to know what time it is without constantly looking up the clock.


I just found about this last March/April and maybe the primary reason why I wrote this. Friends with equal enthusiasm for good music suggested sites like (aka the resurrection of NU in the internet),,,, and So I tried listening to music in the sites and I haven’t stopped listening ever since.

Needs. Stable internet connection. PC. Email.

Playing time. As long as you like or as long as there’s still connection.

Pluses//Minuses. Very light on your PC memory and room storage. Discover new music/artists/genre combinations all the time. This feature I like a lot. Additional info about artists. // Dependent on the net, electricity/batteries. Takes getting used to. Some sites have very foreign dynamics that you have to experiment with so you’d know how it works.

Rating. 1. This suits my pursuit (rhymes, haha). I stay online for long periods of time because of work and school. I also like listening to new things and finding new songs to add to my listening roster, so this really fits my lifestyle. I’m really loving this format now and I recommend it to everyone.

I enjoy the good music wherever it comes from so even if I listed my preferences, I still use all these means at different times. I hope you found what you were looking for. Love music and stay in love. Happy listening.


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Quite interesting :) Thanks for the share

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Thanks Prasul Surendran. Enjoy music. :D

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