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Finding Your Voice - One reason why the amount of advocacy groups has soared!

When We Were Young

At the risk of sounding like a cliche' with the statement "back in my day", the fact is things were different twenty years ago than they are now. I understand this is the most overused statement ever, but it's true on so many levels. We are a species that has an inherent need to advance, always changing and trying to make things better, even if we sometimes unintentionally make things worse.

Twenty years ago, if someone joined in on a conversation where an offhanded joke was made that they didn't agree with, the most that would happen is they would turn right around and complain to whoever would listen. We were living in a world that required you to physically speak your mind, rally the troops, create fliers and go door to door asking for your petition signatures. If you were angry about something and wanted to make a change, you had to really try.

Ten years ago, we were introduced to Facebook for the first time. Finally a place where we could post whatever we were feeling for all to see, at least all of those we accepted as "friends". This was also the year that the word "blogging" became word of the year. We were given this and yet we still had to work to have our voice heard. Everything you said may rile up the people you know, but it still stayed within your circle for the most part. Once again, we were forced to revert to the classics.

Sharing Made Easy

When the concept of "sharing" became popular, everything changed. We were no longer forced to physically try to change someone's mind on a particular topic. Everything became so easy to show to another person that information spread like wild fire. In the last few years alone, entire policies have been changed and replaced in our government because it has become so easy to create an uprising. People's jobs have been taken away from them due to something they said in a video that went viral.

America in particular is a country that takes its freedom of speech very seriously, so people are being more outspoken now than they ever have before.

If you ever find yourself wondering why everyone lost their sense of humor based on what you see online, just remember, everyone always had an opinion or argument for certain things. The only difference is now that opinion is just a click away!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Jun 2015 (#)

Thought provoking post, the platform to air views is so wide now but opportunities go with responsibilities too - siva

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