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Kevin has just entered what he believes is his house.

He suddenly hears piano music start playing, and he goes into that direction.

He comes into a living room. On the other side of it, he can see someone sitting by a piano.

He walks closer.

There's no place like home

Meanwhile, he passes a lot of pictures of himself being displayed in photo frames. Yup, at least he knows the folks here know him.

He stands a little distance away from the pianist. He now recognizes that it's Mom.

Mom is playing a beautiful piano piece. Mom could always play the piano really well. Kevin doesn't want to stop her, so he doesn't say hello to her right this instant.

Instead, Kevin walks over to her computer desk in the corner.

There he finds what must be one of her newest writings, a book called "IMAGINE THAT - A collection of short stories, dedicated to my son Kevin".

He pages through it. Looks like it might be an interesting book. He should really read it in more detail later.

He walks over to the sofa and collapses.

"It's so good to be home", he sighs satisfied, and then rests his eyes.

Meanwhile Mom finishes her song. Then she gets up and walks to a bedroom. She knocks.

Who is she talking to though? Seems to be somebody who is suffering from depression.

Mom seems to want him to get up and tackle life again, but he's not in the mood for it.

When she leaves, Kevin wonders who she was talking to. He braces himself to open the door and have a look for himself. Who will he find?

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author avatar LOVERME
9th Dec 2013 (#)

an imagination !
..good to be home though..
as she prays to her Lord
Kevin is all that is my world.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice post

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