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IP telephony continues as a replacement for the traditional analogue telephone line and ISDN by more and more. Many customers of the Internet and telephone-inclusive packages are already using VoIP, without knowing it. For in what way the router to which the phone is connected, establishes connection is not always obvious. In this paper, we provide you with some useful tips for IP connections.

VoIP applications for desktop, smartphone and tablet

One particularly useful for a customer perspective thing about IP telephony is the use of the land line number together with the associated tariff with other devices - for example, PC, tablet or smartphone. As a standard for VoIP is the protocol "SIP" has been established. So you only need the appropriate software or app for your device. For Windows PC the free tool Phoner Lite is recommended, for example. For Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, Zoiper, which is available as a free download in the App Store.

What settings do you have to make for each provider, refer to the following. Some providers share your customer credentials for VoIP but not with, but they play only by remote configuration on the router made available by them on. In some cases, it is possible unofficially over some complicated detours to tease out the data from the router. For instructions can be found online by searching for " read."

In the following, but we describe not only for every major vendor separated the VoIP configuration, but also how to make settings of your IP telephony account easily via the web browser.

Configure the IP phone, which over the Web

Especially diverse setting options Telekom offers their IP connections. Included at no extra charge are also two voice channels for parallel calls and three numbers - all the way up to ten.

To make settings, log in with your telecoms Customer T-Online e-mail address and password to login or to access data from your telecom contract documents to. Then switch to the "Telephony Settings." There you will have the choice between several options. Under "Number Display," you can determine whether and which of your numbers to be permanently or only occasionally suppressed for outgoing calls. Opt for the option "Custom number display allows" the phone number is sent by default. In order to suppress a call, set when dialing * 31 # before the number you are calling.

Under the heading "Forward," you can set separately for each of your numbers that incoming calls are forwarded to another number, for example, on your mobile phone. The forwarding is active as desired always immediate or delayed or on busy. Note that the routing is calculated according to your phone tariff.

If you want to be accessible only to selected callers, click on the menu item "block caller." Here you can select who you can call - by certain callers be blocked either a positive list, or. So that one cannot cheat by CLIR, there is the option "Anonymous block caller."

And outgoing calls can be filtered. Use the menu item "Call Bar," you limit the freedom of choice. There are in addition positive and negative lists some predefined codes that can be locked with a click, for example, 0900, 0137 and 0180th.

Use landline number on Smartphone & Co

The VoIP server (SIP proxy, registrar and "Realm") is, but is only accessible from the telecom-IP network. You can use in your own home network and the friends of your IP telephony numbers so if they also have access to the Internet Telekom. It is not necessary that they also use IP telephony. As the user name, you use your T-Online e-address and the corresponding password. If you have not yet set up, take it in the telecom customer center (see above) to. As a "STUN server," you carry in your VoIP software a Further information on the device, see this help page telecom.

Telecom has incidentally also had its own VoIP app named "Home Talk" for Android and iOS Releases: It is available free of charge via Google Play or Apple's App Store.

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