Tips for Using a Smartphone with a Smart Child

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Today, more and more parents provide children with a smartphone or smart phone. But parents should not just let her baby using a smartphone.

use a good way so that children can use a smartphone properly.

Therefore, the children, especially the young, need guidance and supervision when using a smartphone. Here are some tips from Monica Vila, author of Generation Smartphones guide, as quoted from the Mirror.

Children Should Wear Smartphone?

Smartphones may make your child safer. But the problem is whether they could be trusted to use it?
"With many parents working, maybe a smartphone so you need not worry, because there are many global positioning, which helps track the location of the child," said Monica.

However, you should not necessarily give you direct the smartphone to a child. First, see if they can sign trustworthy.

use a good way so that children can use a smartphone properly.

For example, look at the behavior of children when using the internet or playing games. Did they stop playing it if you ask for? Do you dare to conclude they can use wisely smartphone unattended?

Are they able to keep their stuff? If they are easily lost objects belong, will not be long before they finally lost his cell phone.

"Before you buy a gadget, make sure they are responsible with his stuff," said Monica.

So when buying a smartphone for the kids, no need to direct the latest model, the old model should be. If a child is wearing a successful new smartphone responsibly, they can buy the latest model as a gift.

"The old model is not only cheaper but also so your child the confidence required to maintain responsible use of mobile phones in order to get the latest model," said Monica.

Before Kids Wear Smartphone

Creating a password is the first step in order to remain more or less secure smartphone Even if stolen. Also when a friend borrowed the child, they do not play it too freely.

use a good way so that children can use a smartphone properly.

Traded well casing as protection if the smartphone is dropped. Also, make sure the child always put the smartphone in the appointed place in the bag.

Directly add the numbers that are important in the contact list, of course including your number, and other teachers.

Make sure the child to use the phone responsibly and do not overdo it gives pulses. If the child is still too young, they need to ban the playing of smartphones in the evening because it may cause a variety of disorders.

"If you let any smartphone in their bedroom, they will not withstand the temptation to play it. They will be hard to sleep and school work may be abandoned," said Monica.

What about pornography?

Nowadays many cases, especially in foreign countries send photos nasty children themselves to their peers. Or they like to access pornographic content via smartphones.

Parents can not fully control the use of smartphones by children. But it's good to direct them openly warned to wear smartphone with full responsibility.

Explain that they should not even send content that makes them feel uncomfortable. Every day, precisely what your children are doing on the smartphone and warn if there are suspicious.

Check the contact list, if there are any suspicious foreign names. Check the browser's history to find out what they access. Since the early to say that you have full access to the baby's smartphone control for their benefit.

Smartphone devices will be beneficial for children if used correctly. Importantly, do not let them wear it without your supervision.



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author avatar peachpurple
8th Jun 2014 (#)

well, i don't own a smarphone

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Jun 2014 (#)

I don't own a smart phone but have given gifts like these to my child but with just enough to make an emergency call and nothing more. They usually play games on it...

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author avatar Alwan
10th Jun 2014 (#)

ok, thanks for the comments.

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