Tips to avoid the reverse engineering of an Android application

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In this article we have cover how you can safeguard your Android application against reverse engineering.

How To Avoid Android APK Reverse Engineering?

Many Android developers adore the openness of Android platform. It empowers them to create groundbreaking, innovative mobile apps. But there’s a major drawback too, that is, Android APK Reverse Engineering. Due to Android’s open ecosystem, Android apps are vulnerable. This makes it easier for people discovering different ways to reverse engineer your Android APKs.

Avoiding Android APK Reverse Engineering is often an arduous task for developers. The vulnerable Android apps cannot render its code to machine code. This means it can lead the app to extraction. Due to vulnerability, the code can be easily used for a variety of reasons such as available for in-app purchases, reduced security, etc. These are some common reasons that induce people to decompile the Android app, damaging your app and business to an unimaginable extent. So, if you’re undertaking mobile application development using Android, here are a few ways you can avoid Reverse Engineering of your Android application.

Place important code on the server:
Storing your important source code on the server can reduce the chances of being stolen, as the main code resides on the server while displaying only the results. However, if your Android mobile app is going to be used by millions of users, an average server cannot handle it. And you may require a server farm which can be a huge expense for your enterprise.

However, it is important to understand that a server farm isn’t a viable solution for all enterprises. In addition, if there’s a poor network connectivity, it can leave your Android app users frustrated resulting in loss of business for your clients. But fret not, there’s an inexpensive solution too. If there’s a block of code that you do not want to let out, you can store that block of code in a hardware that you have full control on. This will make it difficult for the extractor to get your APK source file. To enhance its security, you can even add double obfuscation to combat middle attacks.

Make use of Proguard:
Proguard is one of the popular obfuscation tools used by developers for securing applications with the help of a licensed server. It helps to make reversing your Android app APK code even harder. You can use a commercial version of Proguard known as Dexguard. Dexguard goes a mile further when it comes to security and increasing difficulty. Though your app code can always be converted to smali which helps people to identify what you do with it. But it is advisable to avoid adding code to user’s devices if you don’t want them to see it.

Final Thoughts
Although there are a number of other ways to make reverse engineering more difficult, the ones mentioned above are two of the most effective among all. If you are aware of other ideas to safeguard Android app source code, we’d like to hear from you. Share your knowledge with us using the comments section.


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