Top 10 most comfortable cities in the world for cyclists

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Everyone enjoys cycling whether he is writers, poets, artists, actors or musician . This iron horse taught Ernest Hemingway about travel. Hollywood Stars even turn riding bicycle a fashionable trend, and every fashionista carefully chooses a vehicle that would be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The most comfortable cities in the world for cyclists

I wondered what are the cities in the world are best suited for cyclists?
It turned out, quite a lot of them, but I have selected 10 of the best cities and show them to you in a hurry. No wasting of time ...

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not just called bicycle capital of the world. Here, 40% of citizens prefer to travel to work by bicycle. In town you can rent a bike, and in the future it is planned to build a huge bicycle parking.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

In the capital of Denmark, you can rent a public bike for free, which can be found on almost every corner and to hire a small deposit. About 32% of the inhabitants of Copenhagen every day sent to their offices on bicycles.

3. Bogota, Colombia

Cycling in Colombia, it does not develop due to active government programs, such as in Europe, but because of the low number of car owners. Only 13% of the population of Bogota has a car, others prefer a more democratic way to travel.

4. Curitiba, Brazil

Bicycle tradition of Curitiba has more than 40 years. There are good conditions for cyclists - laid the whole network of bicycle paths.

5. Montreal, Canada

Two years ago the administration of Montreal has contributed $ 134 million to modernize the bike paths and the creation of standard bicycle parking. The length of cycle paths is now 2.400 miles.

6. Portland, Oregon, United States

The length of the bike paths in Portland reaches 260 miles. For a small fee you can rent a bike, to which are attached complete a safety helmet, lock, pump, maps and a raincoat.

7. Basel, Switzerland

Bike paths in Basel a lot and they are all equipped with their own signs of cycling, which makes the ride more enjoyable.

8. Barcelona, ​​Spain

In Barcelona, ​​as in all the major European cities, carried the standard bike lanes, signals and special unified card. But the capital of Catalonia has gone further, paving the green circular bike path, which has 100 stations.

9. Beijing, China

Beijing residents prefer to travel by car. But sometimes the only way to quickly get to your destination, avoiding traffic jams many kilometers is a great invention as a bicycle. Beijing city authorities actively support cycling, because the level of gas contamination of the city with each passing day becomes more disastrous.

10. Trondheim, Norway

Small Norwegian town boasts a unique and remarkable invention whch works as a lift in the ski resorts. It is because of this dream to visit Trondheim thousands of cyclists from all over the world.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
5th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I really enjoyed it.

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author avatar snerfu
6th May 2015 (#)

Great article. I too like cycling very much.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th May 2015 (#)

We should have cycling tracks in every city to allow even motorized (electric) and discourage motor car usage - siva

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