Top Trending Digital Marketing Strategy

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Additionally, HTTPS ensures better security from malicious attacks and hacking or any other suspicious act on your website.

Top Trending Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you ever imagined a website without any content or any website without any visual representation? We are sure you would have not because this notion doesn’t work in building traffic and pulling visitors on to your site. Moreover, this era is dynamically changing and transforming into artificial intelligence and content syndication. In this regards people are thoroughly using the search engines more than ever. Furthering to this, it is necessary to execute of proper digital marketing strategies to pull traffic to the website and generate income.

But to plan the best digital marketing strategy for your business that is synced with the SEO best practices is a tough job which needs attention to detail. For example from on-page SEO to off-page SEO, from tracking conversions on Google Analytics to acquiring leads, everything needs a planned approach and authentic data. Keep reading for the some of the best digital marketing strategy trends for the year 2018.
Let’s start with the one that tops the charts:

Website Security is Must

The foundation of any online business is the website that is prominent on the web, and via search engines, the visitors browse them and shop or use their services conveniently. This is done by putting some of their information like debit cards, credit cards, personal details, etc. on the website. Have you ever thought that this information could be at risk by the hackers as they can steal them? The solution is website security and the use of SSL certificate. This certificate digitally binds the information to create a protective layer against the malicious activities and offer strong encryption. This enables safe online transactions between the browser and the server. This practice is the major part of digital marketing strategies and SEO practices.
Although getting the SSL certificate is also not a tough job as these certificates are available in the market by different SSL certificate providers that issue SSL certified and verified by the Certificate Authority – CA. You may choose any provider from many like – Comodo SSL & GeoTrust SSL. Once you get these certificates, they create a layer of protection and offer a padlock sign in the address bar that indicates that your website is safe to transact.

Comodo SSL is a well know brand in web security industry, protects many websites through their latest encryption technology. Comodo offers many types of SSL Certificate based on validation, such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation & Extended Validation. Any business or individual can easily compare and select Comodo SSL products, based on their requirement. It`s Domain Validation Certificate is a low-cost SSL type, validates only single domains sites. Organization Validation Certificate is the best option for the big enterprise to secure their domains along with its ownership through a verification process. Extended Validation Certificate considers as most trusted SSL Validation types, and it offers multiple benefits to the business. It`s secure your online customer data through secure encryption technology, it also provides SEO ranking benefits and displays your business name in the web browser address bar in green text that builds strong customer trust. To get this certificate a business required to validate their existence of the business through a strict verification process.

Geotrust SSL Certificate another most popular brand in the SSL Certificate industry. It`s some of the most popular products like QuickSSL Premium, Trust BusinessID Wildcard & TrueBusinessID EV offers high data encryption facility and secure customer data from Man-In-The-Middle attacks and phishing attacks. Getting GeoTrust SSL is more affordable if you buy from SSL Reseller like Cheap SSL Shop.

Go to HTTPS implementation

Additionally, HTTPS ensures better security from malicious attacks and hacking or any other suspicious act on your website. Moreover, this is recommended to all the website users as the best digital marketing strategy because if the customer sees the HTTPS instead of HTTP, they get assured to land on an encrypted website where all their data is safe.

Upgrade to New Concept – Micro-Moments
This is a new term that Google is highly critical of it as they are the touch points for the customers when they need any information about the product or services from any location or device. Here smartphones are working as a tool to enhance the searches which in turn influence the customer’s engagement and the brands. It is being observed that from the grocery to buying a home if a customer today need quick access then they use their mobile phones. These Micro-moments are one of the biggest trends that are used by bigger companies and are quite useful in turning conversions. This quick availability of the information helps in building the trust as well.

Use of Voice Search
With the newest trends in the voice searches being invented on a regular basis, we see a massive increase in the voice searches used by customers who shop online or are into online business. For example, Siri and Amazon’s Echo, are becoming a part of daily life for searching the services and other necessities on the web, this has made the customers more equipped with voice searches rather than using keyboards. Thus, Make sure that your site is optimized for voice search and you’ll see a lot more traffic in 2017 than otherwise.

Work on the Accurate Keyword Density
Keyword density is directly related to SEO tactics and is an essential tool to run a good SEO for your website. For a site, it is all about ranking great on search engines and get good traffic for the dedicated internal pages of your products and services. Keywords are of great importance to rank your website better on Google. It is one of the key on-page SEO tactics that includes finding out relevant keywords of your business which provides for analyzing, researching, the best one of the lot that can bring you more traffic. This leads us to the importance of keyword density which determines the frequency of the keywords in your content.

Pick to Use Short URLs
This trend in digital marketing is quite popular and acceptable because some studies that have shown that by using shorter URLs with the main keywords of your business in the start can help amplify your index levels. Google will give prominence to the keywords that are primary and the most relevant. This practice will work efficiently with the SEO tactics.

Optimizing for Rich Answers

It’s been estimated that almost 20% of all search queries were rich answers. And this number is only going up from there. If you want your web content to index for common questions related to your industry, then you’ve got to optimize for these types of searches individually. There are plenty of ways that you can get this done. They include directly including the questions in your content and creating a Q&A page.
Create Efficient User Experience
One of the most significant that a lot many big and small companies are realizing is creating a sound user experience for improved SEO rankings. Focusing on a good user experience is also the part of indexing, and this will be bigger in the coming years as the customer is the main source of your business’s conversion rates. Thus, ensure your rankings on Google, optimize it thoroughly so that your customers are not lost and don’t turn around.

Content is the King – We All Know
Content has been one of the biggest and trendiest digital marketing trends for few years and yet ruling the industry. Being the core of your business that reflects what your website and products are all about, it is essential that the content should be user-friendly and optimized as per the relevancy of the keywords so that Google identifies and rank them well.
Image Optimization

Your website does not only have content, instead make it more interesting it is covered by the visuals as well. Your piece of content should be in sync with the visual that contains content. Do not forget images are the valuable asset in SEO; optimize them with the right category and accurate keyword. Remember optimizing the images with the good quality content is very important to increase search engine rankings.
These trends will be helping you in your SEO tactics eventually bringing great rankings.

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