Transfer Files from PC to PC: Commonly Asked Questions

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Perhaps one of the glaring signs of how much of business is conducted online is the level of file-sharing done. I don’t mean torrents and sites like Mega and Filestube. It is not longer limited to just links anymore. You then discover file-sharing software that transfer files from PC to PC.

Does it mean that whatever file is on the PC can be shared through the software?

No. That is what the app is for. There is a specified folder shared online through the software shared with the rest of the freelancers. Whatever file is placed there is shared. In other words, the designated folder must contain the files for them to be shared with everyone connected to the PC.

Any file outside of that designated folder will not be accessed by the freelancers in case you are the one hiring them. Same thing with the freelancers connected to the file-sharing software that the hiring person has. Whatever files that the freelancer did not put in the designated folder will not be accessible to the person who hired them. Safe to say it’s fair game.

Can this be used by people who just want to collaborate on a project?

Yes, it usually happens when 2 or more people are engaged in a project and are in need of a software program that would make file-sharing easier. Some blogs have an administrator and a content manager. It may be a pet project for a business that they plan to launch later on and they just want to test the waters in this endeavor. But they are serious enough to push it through that instead of exchanging emails about articles and images that they intend to put on the proposed blog, they would rather install a file-sharing software on their respective PC’s.

Think of it as having a blog where someone else writes the articles for you. But instead of letting your collaborator write them directly on the blog that you share, he sends you the word files through the file-sharing software so you get to proofread them. He sends you the images too. You can skip the email that way and go straight to your respective hard drives to get it.

Does it have a business version?

Yes, of course. Cloud-based storage is expandable anyway. Some software versions can expand storage space by adding PC’s and users. But in case you need additional storage but you don’t plan to add collaborators or freelancers, upgrading your app to premium would be a recommendable route to take.

Business versions offer bigger space that would be compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux. I would usually recommend it to self-employed individuals hiring freelancers that edit and record videos too. If ever there would be files that take a lot of space, it would be media files like audio and video. Third party apps crucial to encouraging more productivity and less time can be connected to file-sharing software too. It is tech-support level kind of file-sharing sometimes but it’s for business.

Is it user-friendly?

Yes but of varying levels of course. Dropbox is not the only file-sharing app out there. For every short-coming that Dropbox did, another app would offer it as a solution. Most of the time, the barometer used is the self-help options available to you. Not that customer care is difficult to contact or it took them forever to reply. But if self-help options would speed up in fixing glitches, make it happen.

File-sharing on a PC level is no longer limited to intranet settings. With the world getting smaller, living on opposite sides of the world is no longer an excuse for lags or delays in sending work-related files. Make them useful for you. Hopefully these questions will serve as a nice criteria to use when choosing a file-sharing software.


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