"Trayvon Martin"

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We as human being's deserve justice to be served.
There are no categories on murderers. All consequences should follow in the end.
The system seems to always remain to fail on justice. Racism is still among us.

"Justice For Trayvon Martin Needs To Be Served "

On July 13, 2013 a verdict was reached for Zimmerman murdering
Trayvon martin. A jury of six women took two days on a not guilty verdict.
This has shocked everyone globally. Self defense is what they call it to be.
This innocent kid was coming from the store. With a hood on and a bag of skittles.
Trayvon Martin was unarmed and wasn't no harm to nobody!! Zimmerman
preyed on this innocent Human being. He knew exactly what he was doing.
He seen a black kid walking and murdered him cold blooded with no remorse.
Zimmerman is nothing but another racist police murder. The system was behind
him the entire time on his behalf.
Vic got sentence for fighting dogs. But Zimmerman walks freely
from murder. The system is crooked and evil. Nothing but the
devil trying to pursue his plan. Racism is indeed still among us.
Nothing has change but time itself. Knowledge is power.
So know all your history to fully understand. But WE will
obtain all the power as united we shall stand. No justice,no peace!
Zimmerman days will come to an end,because the light will
always overcome the darkness.


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author avatar Grumpybear
15th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes but as Romans 12: 19 states, God it is who will avenge. He leaves it not to mortal men. I will not pass up my God's will. His punishment will be worse than mens. Take comfort in knowing that the ones who are guilty will be punished. All the ones who are guilty.

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