Trump's Deception

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The Trump Administration is deceiving the American public and our future remains bleak until we realize this.

Trump's Deception

It is becoming more apparent today that if a person is poor or becomes so impoverished you are more than likely doomed to a life of misery and desolation. No longer are their avenues of opportunity awaiting behind every door. Even with college degrees in today's society graduates are no longer guaranteed to land living wage jobs in their field of study. There is just not the availability of employment opportunities that even come close to even providing not only employment but living wages. This is one of the most depressing times still for all who need living wage jobs. When there still remains such a vacuum of employment opportunities it becomes a lesson in futility. We can go to any city in any part of the country and find multitudes that are so impoverished. In this day and age it is unconscionable that so many Americans are left so destitute. With Trump leading the way he has made it possible to usher in deep cuts in our public services. Services that can make a difference so that our citizens won't go hungry, become homeless, or have their utilities cut off through no fault of their own.

The politics of wealth permeates in every election all across this country. Just look at what is happening all across the country. Republican led legislatures have all conspired against the poor, the destitute, the feeble and even our seniors. The politics of wealth controls the destinies of so many. When legislatures abolished multi member districts they have made it all so easy to rig elections. With billion dollar donors, these power brokers, have made it to easy for the entrenched politician, mainly the Republicans, reign supreme over any one who opposes them. In their mad frenzy for power and control too many of our elected officials today are all consumed by greed. Their unquenchable thirst for money is only satisfied by the special interest groups and corporate lobbyists funds that keep pouring in. With recent supreme court rulings have made it abundantly clear that money flowing like water into the career politicians campaigns is the dominate factor in elections today. Money, gets it's way in every election.

When our country was founded little did our founding fathers envision that after 200 years our democratic republic would succumb to Trump and the greed of individuals to control, manipulate, coerce, and deceive the public. Form governmental policies that have ignored the plight of so many in favor of more wealth for only a few have all but eroded the core values of our democracy. Many are now convinced that our democracy cannot survive unless a complete reform in Government is undertaken. A National Economic Reform initiative with comprehensive campaign finance reform incorporated within is essential in preserving our democratic way of life that was intended when our nation was young. Yet, both the Democratic and the Republicans seem oblivious to the plain facts that our whole political system needs complete reform.

There continues to be blatant disregard for the general public's welfare when legislatures now routinely ignore their constituents concerns. A most recent example occurred in the Florida's legislature when it passed a major rewrite of state environmental laws which actually made it much easier for big business to ignore environmental requirements that were previously in place to protect the environment. With the Trump Administration it has only solidified the fact that environmental protection is not a priority. In fact they have cut much needed funding that would go a long way in protecting our environment. When the Florida bill was passed it was designed for the sole purpose to ignore environmental concerns only to favor more corporate profits. These new found profits will ultimately find there way back to those legislatures that supported, sponsored and passed a law that undermines the very future of the state of Florida. Another prime example of legislature malfeasance is their failure to ease the financial hardship imposed on so many. The cost of living today is at the highest level in history and yet our elected officials continue to favor major business profit margins at the expense of the the American worker. With Trump's proposed tariffs reinforces that our economy is in real trouble.

There is a much bigger picture here than what is being reported by the mainstream media and that is the whole spectrum of our economy is intertwined in multi facet contingencies. And each one is in serious jeopardy. Education is a very internal factor in our economy. Yet even with the recent public school violence cities all across the country have serious budget shortfalls. But, Trump's proposed budget along with the current Secretary of Education only exasperates a deterioration now so profound it will only push budgets all across states even further away form supporting expenditures that are mandated by law. As it stands today public education for our youth not only in the state of Florida but all across the country is in need of urgent reform.

Like so many cities and states that currently face monumental budget short falls what is missing is the crucial factor that essentially pushed every city, town and state to the brink of financial disaster. All the Republicans can come up with is tax breaks for the rich and corporate American as there answer to creating enough jobs to satisfy those budget shortfalls. Given the temperament and rationale` of CEO's and business owners any job created or extra hiring the corresponding salaries or wages will never equate to equalizing the budget crisis that each state and this country are in today. Only total reform of policies that are in place today will have an impact on reversing the misfortunes of so many Americans. Again, our elected officials both Democrats and Republicans along with the Trump Administration can't seem to grasp the seriousness of how troubled our whole economy really is.

Now, when the FCC sanctioned Nano Crystal Technology as the energy source for the future it should be a wake up call for the whole country to implement this new technology into every aspect of our society. Just think power outages will be a thing of the past. No more power lines hanging overhead waiting to fall down when heavy winds occur. Our whole infrastructure would be stabilized using this technology. We think the cost of living is high today just wait if our government continues on this path of denial and apathy toward the general public in the way our energy policies are today. Actually, the United States is in grave danger because we have become so antiquated and callous about our energy policies. Until we recognize this fact and begin a genuine but difficult transition from crude-oil based energy to this new technology and other renewable green energy sources not only will the cost of every thing continue to climb but our planet will continue to suffer the consequences of more global warming.

An apparent real and eminent danger awaits the United States if reform of governmental policies doesn't take place.The longer Trump, the Democrats and the Republicans stays on this path of a total lack of empathy toward our very own population the more depressed our whole economy will become. From the banking practices that continue to ignore the lessons of the past to our reluctance to implement strategic policies to safe guard that another financial crisis does not cripple our whole economy to Trump and his Administration total shambles of the office of the Presidency this country is poised to suffer yet another major economic and financial catastrophe more devastating than anything we have ever experienced. Until the public realizes how Trump and our elected officials have deceived the public the United States will remain ineffectual in reducing the many crisis that are plaguing this country.

We have the technology, the resources and the capability to resolve the most important issues that face our society today. Yet, there remains the inability of our public officials to realize just what is needed to solve the many crisis of our times. We also have to realize that Trump has and is deceiving the American public and has no inclination on bringing about an end to all the problems we face today. What is needed is one plan of direction that details how to achieve the results that will secure this countries future. A future filled with stability, growth, and prosperity for all Americans and not just the 1%. A future that we can bring hope for all mankind. And, it stats with implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.


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