U.s. Vowed to Bolster Missile Defense System

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We've gotten a long way on missile defense. We know how to do it. We know how to take down incoming warheads, but we need to do a lot more work in order to be - to deploy a system that will defend the United States against those kinds of limited strikes that might be possible by a nuclear armed North Korea or Iran. - Dick Cheney

America Attempts to Defend Itself

ROBERT BURNS reports for the Associated Press: On Friday The Pentagon revealed that they would allot one billion in funding to augment the interceptors to an Alaska-based missile defense system, this is a reactionary move to North Korea's nuclear proliferation. In publicizing this decision, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel articulated that he is committed to safeguard the U.S. homeland and stay ahead of the troublesome North Korean missile threat. He conceded that the interceptors currently positioned to defend against potential North Korean missile strikes have had poor test performances. "We will strengthen our homeland defense, maintain our commitments to our allies and partners, and make clear to the world that the United States stands firm against aggression," Hagel told a Pentagon news conference. Where will the fourteen additional interceptors be installed? According to reports, they will be strategically placed at Fort Greely, Alaska, where 26 already stand in underground silos, connected to communications systems and operated by soldiers at Greely and at Colorado Springs, Colo. The mechanical design of the interceptors will allow them to lift out of their silos, soar beyond the atmosphere and deploy a "kill vehicle" that can lock onto a targeted warhead and, by ramming into it at sonic speeds, thus obliterating it.

The Pentagon's Strategic Misssile Plan

Did Hagel divulge any other useful information? He also lifted the secrecy on a Pentagon plan to place an additional radar in Japan to alert us of a North Korean missile launch and to aid in tracking its flight path. A small percentage of the one billion cost of the expanded system at Fort Greely will come from the abandoment of the final phase of a missile defense system the U.S. is building in Europe, Hagel said. The primary mission of the system in Europe is to suppress a missle attack from radical Iran; fundamental elements of that system are already in place. Responding to possible European unrest, Hagel asserted that the U.S. remained firm in its commitment to defend Europe from all imminent threats. Further, the Russians will probably hail the move to crush the last phase of the missile defense system in Europe. Why? Russia viewed the implementation of that system as a way to undercut their nuclear arsenal. Moreover, the recent reckless provocations by North Korea was the catalyst the propelled Obama into action. How would you like your very own missile defense system to ward off the imminent threat of unemployment?


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