UFC 125 Resolutions Results Edgar vs. Maynard Ends In A Draw

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UFC 125 Resolutions Results Edgar vs. Maynard Ends In A Draw

UFC 125 Resolutions Results Edgar vs. Maynard Ends In A Draw

The day started at 6 AM, but I finally made it to Buffalo Wild Wings and secured my seat to watch UFC 125 Resolution. The crowd has not shown up yet, but the place is still busy. Many of us are anticipating the beginning of a New Year with the UFC. The matches show promise and should be incredible fights. Any of the five main fights could/should compete for fight of the night.

I spent the day in Orlando beer vending at the Capital One Bowl. We arrived at the Citrus Bowl at 8 AM and were already serving beer at Am. Our group of four beer men sold $10,500 worth of beer, we sold out by halftime. The Alabama Crimson Tide destroyed The Michigan State Spartans 49-7. I made it home by 8 PM and here I am awaiting my New Year’s present from Dana White and the UFC. UFC 125 Resolution should be one of the best nights of MMA fighting in years. Frankie Edgar will get to prove to the world he is worthy of the UFC lightweight championship and at the same time get revenge for his only loss to Gray Maynard.

UFC 125 Resolution, The Main Event:

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard-

Round One-Who will win this lightweight championship at UFC 125 Resolution? Will Frankie Edgar get revenge against Gray Maynard or will Maynard ground and pound his way to the UFC lightweight championship? The two men step into the ring ready to fight. Edgar is excited for the fight, Maynard wants to pound on the champion. Maynard knocks Edgar to the ground twice with great punches. He pounds on the champion with purpose and power. Edgar has no answer for the punishment he is receiving in round one. Edgar gets hit again and goes down for the third time. He goes down for a fourth time. Maynard is really pounding on him, Edgar gets up and is wobbly. Edgar gets his feet back and lands a couple light punches at the end of round one. He stumbles to his corner with blood pouring out of his nose. This should be a 10-8 round for Maynard, Maynard landed 87 punches in the round.

Round Two-Edgar dances around to start round two and lands a right against Maynard. Maynard looks to be stalking his prey. Edgar leads with the jab trying to get back into the fight. Edgar lands a good right to the jaw of Maynard. Edgar picks up Maynard and slams him viciously to the ground. Edgar wins round two with his jabs and his quickness.

Round Three-Round three was pretty uneventful. Maynard gets Edgar down on the ground twice at the end of the round which may win the round for him. Maynard won the round technically with the takedowns, but the rest of the round was even.

Round Four-Edgar gets Maynard down and puts him in a choke hold, he knees him to the face. Maynard gets away. Edgar slams Maynard to the ground. He gets Maynard’s back and tries to go for the choke. Maynard gets up to his feet and the fight goes on. Edgar hits Maynard with a good right, Maynard tries an uppercut but misses. Edgar lands a quick knee and Maynard fights back. Edgar goes for another takedown and punches Maynard in the face with two right hands. Edgar wins a pretty close round four, he was the busier fighter. He may need to win round five to keep his championship

Round Five-Both fighters come into round five looking like they have been in a war. Edgar lands a good leg kick, Maynard follows with a couple of jabs. Neither fighter wants to leave this fight in the hands of the judges. You never know how the judges see it. Maynard lands a great left hook to the face of Edgar. Edgar lands a nice knee. Round five is very competitive, if Edgar wins the fight it will be with his takedown defense. Edgar lands a good punch and Maynard punches back. This is a close fight, will round one win it for Maynard? This was a tough fight and a pretty even fifth round. The fight is counted a draw, again the judges do not know how to judge a UFC fight.

Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera

Round One-UFC 125 Resolution may be the last chance for Brandon Vera in the UFC. He had better come to fight tonight against Thiago Silva. Silva comes into the ring looking mean and ready to pound. The fighters come out throwing punches at each other. Silva gets Brandon Vera to the ground. He smothers the fighter and looks for an opening. Silva finds an opening and passes the guard of Vera. He pounds his elbow and fist into his opponents head. Vera takes a pounding on the ground in round one.

Round Two-Vera comes out in round two punching, Silva gets in some good shots of his own. Silva slams Vera back down on to the mat. Vera throws a few elbows from his back and then Silva begins to pound on him again. More elbows from Vera and more punches from Silva. Vera takes another pounding in round two, Silva easily wins another round.

Round Three-Vera throws Silva down on the ground and tries to win the stand up in round three. Silva takes hold of Silva, gets his back and puts him on the mat once again. Silva throws hard punches to the head of Vera to try to loosen up his guard. Vera has no answer for his opponent. Vera takes a pounding and has no answer for Silva. Vera’s MMA career may have ended at UFC 125 Resolution. He had nothing for the tougher and stronger Silva. Silva won the fight easily, Vera ended the fight with a smashed up nose. What a fight for Silva and a complete disappointment for Vera.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round One-The South Korean Dong Hyun Kim and the American Nate Diaz step into the ring opposite each other. The feeling out lasts for about a minute until Kim takes down Diaz. Nate Diaz tries to tie up Kim and Kim tries some ground and pound. Kim hits Diaz with some great punches on the ground. Good Up Kick by Diaz, Kim seems to be stronger than Diaz in the first round. Kim gets the back of Diaz and slams him to the ground. Diaz gets on his feet at the end of the round, but Kim controls the round and wins round one.

Round Two-Kim lands two inside kicks and a left hand. Kim gets the takedown, Kim tries to pass, and Diaz tries a submission. Diaz kicks Kim off, but the Korean throws him back on to his back. Diaz peppers Kim with short punches from his back. Diaz reverses and gets the back of Kim. The two fighters jump to their feet. Kim wins another round by out powering and out pointing Diaz.

Round Three-Diaz is down by two rounds. He comes out jabbing, but gets kicked in his head for his trouble. Diaz gets Kim down momentarily, but the Korean proves to be too strong. Diaz tries a choke and knees Kim in the head. An illegal knee which may not have been illegal by Nick Diaz is called by the ref. Kim gets Diaz down on the ground with a crazy takedown. Nick Diaz lands a great head kick with one minute left in round three. Diaz pounds the face of Kim hoping to change the direction of the fight. His actions prove to be too little too late, Kim wins a unanimous decision over Diaz. What a tough fight this proved to be for Diaz.

Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

Round One-The fighters enter the ring to begin UFC 125 Resolution. Clay Guida tattooed with his crazy looking wild hair and the Japanese fighter Takanori Gomi (on the other side of the ring) ready to rumble. Guida throws a wild looping right hand that misses, Gomi continues to jab looking for his range. Guida lands three good punches on the chin of Gomi, the punches have no effect. Guida lands a good kick and gets a takedown than a slam. Guida wins round one because he landed the only significant blows in the round. Guida lands a good elbow at the end of the round.

Round Two-Guida proves to be too elusive and powerful for Gomi in round two. Guida wins with a submission near the end of round two. The fight ends with Gomi tapping out due to a guillotine choke. This is a great win for Clay Guida in the UFC. UFC proves to be the perfect New Year’s resolution for Clay Guida.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Round One-Two powerful punchers step into the ring to meet each other. Leben is a little cooko for Cocoa Puffs, but this is what makes him such a tough fighter in the UFC. Both fighters come into this fight in great shape, Leben with his normal red colored hair. The fighters touch gloves in respect for each other, let the war begin. Stann throws a quick kick and a quick punch. The fighters tie each other up and Stan throws a knee, Leben throws some uppercuts. Stann throws some powerful punches and knocks Leben down to the ground, Leben fights on. Stann continues to pound on Leben and knees him in the head. The ref stops the fight, Brian Stann wins the fight with a KO over Chris Leben. What a great fight for Stann. UFC 125 was very good for Brian Stann.

Jeremy StephensKO’s Marcus Davis with 2:33 left in the third round, Davis is out cold

Dustin Poirier wins a unanimous decision over Josh Grispi

Brad Tavares wins with a TKO stoppage over Phil Baroni in the first round

Diego Nuneswins with a split-decision over Mike Brown

Daniel Roberts wins with a Kimura decision over Greg Soto in the first round

Jacob Volkmann wins a split-decision over Antonio McKee

UFC 125 Resolution was very exciting, but ends with a crazy decision. The same judge that gave round one to Maynard, gives the next four rounds to Edgar. The crazy scoring ends the night with a draw between two fighters who both fought a great fight. I would have given the fight to Maynard because he dominated in the first round and the next four rounds should have been split evenly. However, I am not a judge, I am a UFC fan who actually watched every minute of the fight. This decision sets up another rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. This fight showed usFrankie Edgar has greatly improved as a UFC fighter and Maynard is very close to becoming a UFC champion.

The most incredible fight of the night was the pounding Brian Stann gave to Chris Leben. Leben was still lying on the ground at the end of the fight because he was completely dominated. Leben tasted every bit of the power of Brian Stann. UFC 125 brought us into the New Year with five great fights. All the fights met up to the hype, although Brandon Vera was completely dominated. His UFC career is all but over, consider him a washed up MMA fighter. Frankie Edgar remains the UFC lightweight champion for another day. Maynard will likely remain the number one contender to the title. Look for these two to fight another war sometime in 2011. Edgar did not get the revenge he sought, but he kept his belt for now. Keep your eyes open for UFC 126 which airs on pay per view on February 5th. Hopefully, the UFC will continue with their New Year’s resolution and continue to have great fights in all their pay per view venues for 2011. Happy New Year!


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