UK General Election - Remember Who Took Us To War

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The polls suggest an indecisive result and voters have a unique opportunity. Party politics has shown it cares little for what people really want so vote the best people in not a party.

Do they deserve our vote?

When you consider the cross-party scandals that have occurred in and out of the United Kingdom Parliament isn't it time to vote for the best people not a party? In this article I will focus on the willingness of our leaders to take us into illegal wars.

The Labour government under Blair engaged in an illegal war with his crazy right-wing buddy George Bush. That war not only sentenced unknown thousands of Iraqis to death but has also sent 179 British troops to their deaths as well.

Not all Labour MPs voted with the government of course that is why it is essential that we sort the bad guys from the good. One hundred and thirty nine Labour members rebelled and the government would have lost the vote had it not been for the Conservatives (Tories) who voted in favour.

So we need to put David Cameron's Party under the microscope to identify who not only supported the war in Iraq but have since supported the Afghan war too. There have been 272 UK force's fatalities in Afghanistan, these figures are confirmed at

Many MPs oppose this war too and some members are very vocal on the subject. On this very issue alone we could send a clear message to the party leaders that the war supporters will lose support at the ballot box.

If we blindly vote for a party without considering the candidate's competency and persuasions we will get a government that does not represent us. Put simply, dump party political voting, vote for people who are honest and willing to stand on principle.

The expenses scandal is another issue and fuel for my next article. I also write extensively on this and other issues on my blog TheDuckShoot.


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author avatar C. Michael Davis
30th Jun 2010 (#)

Great advise for all Americans as well.

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