US Marines Circulated Nude Photos of Women Combatants

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A scandal erupted when it came to light that male marines had been photographing their women colleagues in the nude while they were showering and dressing.

Sensational News

News has come in of American Marines, who have violated the code of honor of a soldier. In other words, it is an act prejudicial to good order and discipline. The Marines were members of a secret Facebook page where nude photographs of fellow women combatants were posted. This page on Facebook had a membership of over 30000. It also carried the rank, name, and unit, of the women combatants.

'Probably this group was functioning for a long time but the lid was blown only a few months back last year.
There is no doubt that there will always be an attraction between men and women, but as women serve in all theaters of the army, it was important that morale is not lowered by photographing women combatants in the nude and circulating them to members, against their will and consent.

Different lines of thought

After the incident became known to the authorities, two lines of thought emerged. There are some who opined that it's a natural Instinct and they say "boys will be boys." However, the majority are of the opinion that this is a grave transgression of discipline and a disservice to the women who have joined the #Armed Forces

The news of the women photographs has now become public property and has been broadcast all over the world.

It does not show the Us Marines in a gòod light. The news that many Marines posted lewd comments on the photographs is cause for worry. One wonders how the women combatants will feel on reading them.Well in case they had been posted with their concurrence, it would have been another story but we know that women combatants were photographed surreptitiously and without their knowledge. This is a grave violation of human dignity.

Navy investigates

Congress is seized of the matter. The Navy's Criminal Investigative service is carrying out an investigation, and the photographs have been taken down. A senior Democrat Adam Smith, on the House Armed Services Committee, is clear that the online behavior is “degrading, dangerous and completely unacceptable.”

Sexual harassment cases in the armed forces are nothing new and the preceding two years have seen thousands of cases in the US military. The cases have increased after Congress approved the induction of women in all areas of the armed forces, including combat duties

Cause for worry?

The Marine command is perturbed that such a large number of active troops took part in this episode. What will the corps do? It can't afford to send thousands of soldiers home. Its a question that has no answer. But discipline has to be kept and a few ringleaders were punished and dismissed or given a small jail term. This is a temporary solution, but what next?


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