US Retreat from Afghanistan is " SURRENDER"

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The US entered Afghanistan with great fanfare, but like in Vietnam has retreated after 1o years exposing itself to greater risk. One wonders why the US intervened at all.

The Fat is in the Fire

Afghanistan is a country that has only been subdued twice in its history. The first time was when Alexander the great invaded Afghanistan and subdued the tribes and the second occasion was when the Sikh General Hari Singh Nalwa conquered the Afghans and created fear in their minds. The British and later the Russians failed as also the United States.


The USA has completed 12 years in Afghanistan and victory eluded it almost like trying to catch an eel in one's hand. A defeated America Decided to withdraw from Afghanistan with the fond hope that the Afghan government army armed and trained by the US army will be able to hold its own against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. This reminds me of Vietnam when the same thoughts went through the mind of Nixon. The result was catastrophic as the US backed South Vietnam government collapsed in no time and the entire state was unified with North Vietnam.


But here the similarity ends as the battle in Vietnam was not a religious war and now the Vietnamese are welcoming Americans as tourists and investors. The war in Afghanistan is a religious war where the hard line Islamic groups have branded America as the 'Great Satan'. American withdrawal from Afghanistan will not end the war between the Islamic groups and the USA , only the frontier will be changed closer to American shores.

The reason is not far to seek as most Muslims in the Middle East are not too enamored of America. Iran is breathing fire and hard line Islamic groups in Pakistan routinely denounce the USA. Many Americans have been beheaded in this war. Retreating from Afghanistan will just mean changing the goal post and taking the war closer to America.

A religious war is different from a normal war. Here the religious zeal however misplaced is the driving force. In particular the dream as enunciated in the Koran of beautiful virgins for the Jihad groups adds its own connotation to this conflict.

The US think tank must understand that a retreat from Afghanistan will not solve America's problems. The recent coordinated attacks all over Afghanistan are a pointer. Karzai had to go into hiding. This happened when NATO and the USA are very much there. Once they exit, the hard line Militant groups will take over in no time. That will be the signal to shift the war to another frontier.


With Obama coming to the end of his second term . His earlier track record of opposing the war on terror as a senator is well known. Perhaps thats why he wanted to get out from Afghanistan. There is also a new president in Afghanistan, but ground realities have not changed, This retreat from Afghanistan may spell something really bad for the USA


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
24th Jul 2015 (#)

America's meddling in foreign countries almost always turns out badly.

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author avatar Retired
24th Jul 2015 (#)

The American intervention goes back to the belief that the blame for 9/11 lay either with Iraq or Al Qaeda - probably both - and that the leader of the latter - Osama bin Laden - was living in Afghanistan and was being protected by the Taliban.

George Bush Junior declared a "war on terror" with only a vague idea of what this actually meant, and a touching faith in the idea that if you bombed the Taliban into submission - and hopefully killed Osama bin Laden - you would put an end to global terrorism once and for all.

As events have proved - and any sensible person could have foreseen from the outset - this was far from happened in reality!

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author avatar Kingwell
25th Jul 2015 (#)

Afghanistan has a culture that goes back thousands of years before America was thought of. The west should realize that change cannot be forced upon such people by war. Only time and the people themselves will bring about change and we must hope that such change will be for the best. Blessings.

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