Uber ride sharing Co. class action lawsuit: Employees or freelancer

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Uber is undergoing a class action lawsuit in CA. They will have their fate change forever after juries decide whether their drivers will be employees or independent contractor. What do you think as a driver or Uber or just critics? I think they're freelancer who needs protection like employees.

class action lawsuit in CA

Uber was sued in CA in a class action lawsuit that asked them to classify drivers as employees rather than independent contractor.
Do you think that this lawsuit should have been dismissed? What are your opinions about driving for Uber? Are they an employer or not?
I know that the case in going on and it could change the fate of Uber forever if they lose. The attorney that represents the case says that Uber has way
too much control over their drivers and this much controls could held them as an employer since independent contractor has more freedom from who they're working for.
I was doing a lot of independent contracting work and I noticed that even though I was doing that, the person I'm working for also place lots of criteria on my work and if
I don't follow them, I would not get accepted and paid for my work. So, I mean where is the line and how much control is control. If you're being watched and monitor and control very closely
like the Uber app that follows you so exactly, does that make you an employee? What is the criteria for an employee or an Independent contractor?

Uber is saying that drivers are business owners who use their app to make some extra bucks whenever they want to, but that seems so shallow before you really know the requirement
that you have to have in order to drive for and keep on driving for Uber and they're very strict. They have to buy new cars 2007 and above I think. They have to have ratings at a high level or they
will get fire. They have to use the app and allow the app to monitor them at all time. They have to pay for their own gas, car maintenance, and take safety risk of driving with no worker compensation or
getting fire over bias rating and discrimination. I know its easy to be an independent contractor like writing online, where you're safe in your own home. You might
not face any kind of discrimination since no one see how you look like or know how old you are so you might not need job protection, worker compensation, or unemployment insurance. But the nature
of driving is risky, dangerous, and people who rate you on app can be bias, discrimanatory in every single way so how do you know if the rating is good and if the person depends on such income solely
to support their family, should they be fire based upon unfair, discrimanatory rating from drunk passengers who are from the Bahamas or the White house who thinks these
drivers smell or just doesn't measure up. Drivers face lots of discrimination because people can see who they are, what they look like, and their age. If the driver is 70 years old, I will be certain that
passengers might try to rate him low cause he's slow at driving or smells bad or can't speak English. So on and so forth. So I can see why the drivers might need some jobs protection.
We all need jobs protection in this kind of economy and especially if that is our only jobs. I mean, come on firing a person based upon rating alone from bias passengers is not right since we all know
that there are so much deviation from the truth that its unreliable.

They deserve job protections, safety protection

I have been at jobs where rating is a factor of me keeping my jobs and the shopper was definitely bias, and discrimanatory big time.
So, I can see that Uber is unfair in many ways to its driver, then that could cause them to sue out of anger. I don't think you need to make them employees necessary but you should treat them right under labor laws.
You should be fair to them and not rely solely on drunks passengers opinion to get rid of their jobs. They need to carry some sort of safety protection too from injuries on the jobs. Its
very dangerous in my state, NV, to be a driver. You have lots of hookers, and pimps and criminals dealing drugs and getting hookers and so on, so being a driver in some state has lots of safety issues that
might need worker's comp or insurance if anything happens. Basically, they need coverage if they're injured on the job. I mean I like the fact that they're creating jobs but also at the same time they should not use that to
abuse those in need of jobs and treat them substandard to the current labor laws and protection that laborer receives.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Oct 2015 (#)

Uber is affecting many taxi businesses as well I wouldn't get into a car with a total stranger, prefer Taxis.

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author avatar BubbaGump
16th Oct 2015 (#)

yes but the drivers are documented with uber and uber knows who they are and where they live so they will hold accountable if crimes occur. they will go to jail, so feel safe

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author avatar BubbaGump
16th Oct 2015 (#)

also the taxi drivers can just transfer over to that job n not be afraid of losing jobs

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