Uncertain Times of Today

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Today there are many incidents which are happening around us is effecting us in a very bad way. There are incidents like terrorism where some cruel people are involved killing innocent people is the matter of major concern now

Life Seems to be Changing Fast

The time we are living now is very uncertain time as so many bad things are happening around and nothing seems to be certain. Sometimes it is very horrifying to even think of certain incidents like tsunami, major earthquakes, terrorist activities etc. Old day's were not like these, though there were also certain incidents like earthquakes, it was not frequent like it is now. There were never terrorism then, but now it is very much advanced and seeing so many people losing life due to these is very sad. The whole world seems to be polluted now and living or even moving around some places are even scary sometimes. People have become more selfish now as they are interested in looking after their own things forgetting about other people on how they live or how they are. Olden day's were so much fresh and also beautiful as people were also very friendly by nature and not at all selfish like they are now and all were living in harmony then

Uncertain and Scary Days

Deadly diseases introduced in recent times doesn't even have medicine also and over that propriety on finding medicine to these deadly diseases are also not given high ratings as almost all countries are giving more importance to their own security and spending more and more funds on making their defense stronger by buying modern sophisticated weapons to destroy enemies. In fact people are more interested in destroying one another now which is really a corrupt mental attitude of those people. The government authorities who has to look after all these things for corrective measures have themselves become corrupt and the whole system we are living in have become worse now

Hoping for a Change

People should change for good as the world is showing its changing face in accordance to the worst human being changes. It is already high time now and we can just hope that everything will change and come good right in time or else coming times might be still worse for sure. Here, initiative has to be taken by everybody so as to bring about such major changes in life which definitely cannot e done by one person here as it does require major people strength backing by government for our own good so that we all can live in harmony again like people lived in those good olden day's. Can we hope these good things in future? well we can just keep a strong hope and nothing else here.


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