Underage Drinking Petitions - Absence of Accountability

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Students at the University of Pittsburgh want medical treatment without criminal punishments for underage drinking. This author asks - where is the responsibility?

The Issue

I can't stand on a high horse here. I'm not some old sage who can sit and point fingers at others for falling prey to the influence of alcohol before that magical 21st birthday. However, the fact remains that underage drinking is still illegal and is still the cause of too many fights, break-ups, car crashes, and deaths to be ignored.

There was a petition started in late October at the University of Pittsburgh to give amnesty to students who seek out medical care for binge drinking. In other words, people who have consumed so much alcohol illegally that they could be in medical danger want to see their consequences disappear.

What is the reasoning?

Supposedly, students who do get this intoxicated are afraid to seek out medical attention for fear that they will be punished by legal authorities after their treatment. The petition asks the police to waive the fines.

This is a prime example of the complete lack of accountability that is running rampant through college campuses. Students are being so far sheltered from any kind of consequence that they think going to a hospital to get your stomach pumped should be rewarded!

Any other criminal (yes, you're a criminal, almost everyone is) would be taken to the hospital, treated, and released directly into police custody. Why should you be treated differently? Because underage drinking is a "fun" crime? Or because YOU don't think it should be a crime?

This petition is nothing more than an attempt to skirt around the law. Even though Universities have implemented amnesty policies, it will not help the problem. It will only exacerbate the amount of cases. Take away the consequences, and there's no longer a reason not to commit the crime!


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