United States destroy 6 tons of contraband ivory

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Article about the ivory poaching and how the United States help the fight against the killing of poor elephants.

United States destroy 6 tons of contraband ivory

There are evil people that are killing elephants, which only want to benefit economic, but nevertheless the demand for powerful, influential people who want the coveted ivory regardless of the suffering of the elephant beautiful animals that are in danger of extinction. most of million elephants have been killed in a period of 40 years, international trade also of traffic of ivory is so powerful that many countries leave it without doing anything, in the international traffic, there are people ranging from powerful political up corrupt, bloodthirsty military.

Africa, where the traffic of ivory is increased mainly in the Central and Eastern part of the continent in countries such as Kenya, Congo, Zambia, Republic Central African, Chad, Botswana, Rhodesia, South Africa where the corrupt Governments of leaders that they left free to traffickers who killed to the elepahnts apart from make massacres with the locals who were against international trade of their beloved elephants.

Although the United Nations made several resolutions against ivory traffickers, but they were infective because many political ambassadors estates of money than the traffic of ivory leaves more than 340 million dollars a year and where more than 150mil people are involved in more than 40 years in the business where there are entire families in africa dedicated to this dirty business of death and destruction of the beloved elephants.

The United States has campaigned aggressive against the traffic of ivory that have invested millions of dollars apart have a special unit inside of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The arrest of more than 24 people have attained through an international ensemble that is France, Germany, great britain, Italy among other Nations.

This Thursday will be a historic day when the DFW thinks destroy tons of ivory, many of them with more than 780 million of dollars in agency facility in colorado. The strongly guarded place is a centre of ivory which was used as evidence in criminal cases and as there are more than 6 tons of it, is going to be destroyed since criminal cases have been solved.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) banned international trade in ivory since 1989. The destroyed ivory will be made dust and will be deposited in a place that is not indicated. Be supposed that was destroyed in October but due to the closure of Government had to be postponed until Thursday.

Governments and international groups for the protection of animals are giving talks and lectures as a finish with the traffic of ivory and is giving aid to impoverished countries in africa to combat the smuggling of ivory.


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