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Will a two party presidential ticket save the day for the United States?


In a world that is constantly changing the shift of realities has made it quite apparent that this coming Presidential election is so important for the future of America. In an already crowded field of Republican contenders many of whom are bonafide clerics of a separatist sec it is quite obvious that whoever emerges as the Republican nominee a nation divided will only become more divided. The Democratic field today is much less crowded so far but could be just as contentious as the Republicans. In either case not one candidate of either party will be able to unify a nation that is so divided.

For years now the main stream media has made it virtually impossible for a third party to muster enough national attention to be electable. With a country so divided and openly engaged along party lines the question now is how to unify a nation so divided? When Abraham Lincoln said "A nation divided can not endure" today, we are witness to a slow methodical continuation of a once great nation falling apart.

There has to be an answer in fostering unity, a true sense of cohesiveness and a fellowship that encompasses all of are society. This is something that is sadly lacking today. To achieve this requires a perception that unity involves not just one political parties platform and affiliation but a true national purpose that closes the great divide in our society today.

There are those who are engaged in old party loyalties that still can't fathom that compromise, cooperation and a genuine collaboration of ideas will foster a new sense of unity all for the greater good of a nation. The dysfunction today of government stems from uncompromising ideologies and a pervasive attitude of unflinching agendas to satisfy what many feel as their own personal gain.

In many of the Republican Presidential contenders it is more than obvious to the discerning eye that many are as they say "are full of themselves" with ego's to match. There are just a few in either party that have a actual desire to help this nation rather than erecting a Presidential Library. It is those few a Democrat and a Republican together working in conjunction and compromise with a plan of direction for short term results and long term gains in restoring the equilibrium that balances our economy, ensures our security, while securing the capabilities in achieving health and prosperity for every American.

A united ticket when a Republican and a Democrat join together using National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation as the plan of direction for this nation will do just that. In unity, a renewed sense of purpose will ensue and with it will close the divisions that have pulled this country apart.


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