Valentine's Day: World Celebration On Focus

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Join the world as it celebrates the latest happenings across the globe.

Valentine’s Day: Yesterday and Today

Contemporary time celebrates Valentines Day (Valentine’s Day) with the concept of romantic love, love quotes, flowers, cards, cakes, chocolates, teddy bears, and all common form expressions of love. Every February 14, the world stops and remembers the word ‘love’ more consciously.

Tracing back history, the event started as a liturgical celebration of Saint Valentine’s day. St. Valentines was known for his martyrdom in Rome after performing wedding rites for soldiers who are not allowed to receive marriage. He was also known to propagate Christianity through his good deeds and kindness. Today’s association with Valentine’s day to romantic love can be linked to the Middle Ages at the time of Geoffrey Chaucer which continued at England on 18th century. After those periods, the day is carried as a celebration of love between lovers and lately as a general concept and applicable to family and friends.

Various means of celebrating the Valentine’s day across the world. From giving gift items mentioned earlier to performing romantic acts like taking someone to a date, expressing one’s love through words or actions. Some would even spend a vacation trip or even give expensive gifts like diamond ring, car, house and lot to the one they love.

No matter how we celebrate Valentine’s day, at the end of the day, it will always be the most sincere and honest expression of love that will have a long lasting impact on the relationships. Mutual respect, care, and understanding far surpass the most extravagant gifts which was give out of nothing at all.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Feb 2015 (#)

Yes, it is the sincerity given to the relationship that counts and it should last all the time. Thanks Marcus for this share - siva

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author avatar Marcus Writes
15th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them ;-)

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author avatar Kingwell
19th Feb 2015 (#)

I love your ending remarks about mutual respect care and understanding being the best gift. Without it material things mean nothing. Thank you for sharing this great piece. Blessings.

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