Vietnamese 'Virginity Test'

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A Vietnamese 'virginity test' has recently helped free three in a Vietnam rape case.

Three Freed in 2000 Rape Case

A Vietnamese acupuncturist claims she can figure out whether a man is a virgin or not by studying and analyzing a small dot on the ear. She has suddenly risen to fame when she got involved in a rape case and helped free three suspects by declaring they were virgins.

Pham Thi Hong is a traditional medicine practitioner and has pleaded and advocated extensively for the three young men's release because she says she is completely certain they are still virgins and could not have been the rapists. Acupuncture is still very common in the Southeast Asian nation of 86 million. The 54 year old threatened to light herself on fire which led to prosecutors to re-examine the case and suspend earlier convictions.

Three men were convicted in 2000 for gang raping a 20 year old woman, and were sentenced to 16 years in prison. In 2006 however, one of the three, Nguyen Dinh Kien visited a hospital from prison and that was when Hong first saw the red spot on his ears which according to her meant he had never had sex before. The spot is not affected by gay sex or masturbation according to Hong. Later on, Hong examined the ears of the other two convicted and found out that if her method was correct, all three men are free of any blame. She believes in her method of verification tremendously and is very confident about its accuracy.

She then began campaigning for their release, threatened to set herself on fire and went as far as requesting the President to personally get involved. President Nguyen Minh Triet soon after ordered for the case to be re-opened, re-investigated and examined. In January 2010, the three men were released and the case now pends further investigation.

Hong has gained national and international fame for this and many convicted rapists in Vietnam are trying to seek her help to prove their innocence. However despite all this, many global and even Vietnamese scientists, acupuncturists, traditional practitioners and those who work with herbs and natural remedies doubt Hong's method of verifying male virginity. A Vietnamese acupuncturist of 14 years' experience denies the possibility of this, saying it is impossible to judge a man's virginity by a method as such, medically speaking.


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25th Nov 2010 (#)

does masturbating also causes that dot?

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29th Dec 2010 (#)

Interesting article

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I have added the link of this article in my article “
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