VofD Episode 3 - Addendums and Two Standards

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A quick addendum on the first handyman camcorder, the ups and downs of updates, and problems securing permissions to record.

A Voice of Damnation Update

Before we get to the update lets talk addendum.

1st Camcorder
For some reason the box and the camcorder don't match. This is, in fact, a Sony HTC CX 580E Handycam... eventually I figured out how to use it. The top crank... how did I get that wrong, is actually a slider. Once I figured out how to make this work...

Filming gear
I cleaned up my filming area, and picked up a desktop lamp for lighting for review recording... which I have to return as this doesn't work. Ugh. Picked up a new surge protector for my tech and the 8GB SD card showed up... mixed bag overall.

2nd Camcorder
Waiting for it to ship. Sigh.

So next up is the Voice of Damnation work... and where I can record. To date from where events happen I have a mixed bag of possibilities.

Content Accessible (at hand)
- I can hit up the weekly farmers market for content.
- Political candidate HQs and their street pandering is possible
- Public forums and meetings (usually politics)
- Local sports at the park or the makeshift pitch by the police station or church row (rugby, baseball, football)

Content Not Accessible (yet)
- Any events or businesses at Parker Ranch Center, or KTA side shopping area.
- Parker Square Center

Admittedly even if I fail to get permission from the three above places to record it's not a bad thing. Things practically never happen at Parker Square, and rarely at KTA side... So that leaves Parker Ranch Center... but again not a concern. As of this episode I am more concerned about the dismal rain inhibiting my attempts to perform test recordings and compile my first report episode than I am negotiating with the property manager... which is not to say it is going well... it isn't.

The manager wanted me to call an hour in advance of the meeting, but when I did that he wasn't there. I left a message and he didn't return it... not to say I am worried but... that's no good. So today (April 8th) I will try to reschedule my appointment... Sigh. Like I said not a big loss but it could be better, especially since this is kind of a double standard. From my understanding my plan to monetize my videos is what he's giving me trouble over, yet any Oahu based news crew can drive in without going through all the hoops I am, film and put on TV making money off the same stories while apparently it is wrong for an independent to do likewise. Not quite equal standards, but understandable if you consider how TV news acts when you try to tell them no they can't do something... they become belligerent and nasty... how special of them.

Well going to take a nap, work out my first episode content, then finish arranging and cleaning my recording area for Voice of Damnation Reviews so I can crank out a few reviews for posting... stay tuned.


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