Vote for Democracy

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In the present day scenario, governments are elected on the basis of majority obtained out of the people who voted. Although there is nothing wrong with this, since democracy works this way, it would be interesting to note as to what would happen if we could factor in the percentage of votes not polled in determining the result of the winning candidate. Well imaginations apart, the moot point here is the Voting itself.

Vote for Democracy

Just to reinforce a well known fact, ‘Voting is the most powerful tool’ created for humans in the system of democracy and is a right of all eligible voters in the country. It also remains as the primary means of political participation. The primary goal of any voting system is to establish the intent of each individual voter and translate those intents into a final tally or reality. The power of Voting gives us the power to choose our leaders wisely and helps us to determine the future course of our nation.

On the contrary non-voting, by eligible voters, due to any reason like lack of willingness, illiteracy is nothing but plain ignorance. Inaction does not breed change but will only worsen the situation. Every eligible voter’s apathy or laziness towards voting is leading Karnataka into a very vulnerable position due to incompetent and irresponsible leaders. Quite often, stable governments under able leaderships are brought down for flimsy reasons by few leaders thereby derailing the democratic setup. As a result, the
growth of the state and its citizens suffers due to the apathy of voters in electing the right candidates and selecting the right growth agendas.

It is essential that registering and voting are really ways that we can control the way we live in a democratic dispensation. The sheer volumes of non-voters have till now simply destroyed the democratic process making it gradually slip away. Your only vote can make a difference.

If you don’t vote, it encourages bad officials.

People should get involved in elections and get educated in all political measures. By this they become a good and responsible participatory citizens. Let’s not forget that many of our martyrs have sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom and let us have this voting opportunity as our sacred right. True democracy demands the involvement of the people otherwise in absence of that there is no democracy.

In a true democratic society like India, it is essential to ensure a government that follows the will of the people and not the one that force the people to follow it.

The forthcoming elections in Karnataka can be the start point for ‘Vote for Democracy’, a nation wide movement to improve voters turnout in elections. Starting now, lets envision every elections having a minimum voters turnout ratio of atleast 80%. This would be possible when each eligible voter takes it upon themselves to step out vote decisively in favour of development and good governance.

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