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Have you ever watched during a Presidential political year when those national conventions come out and the main media’s news reporters are all gathered at these conventions and are showing all of these people waving their state’s name signs, US flags, chanting whomever they are praising for their candidates, and looking like they are having a good time? Have you ever wondered how do these people get to go there? I'll tell you how through my own experiences with this. Let's move on.

Who are Those People who Goes to those Political Party National Conventions?

(Part One of Two)
Gosh, it must cost a lot of money to go there, so these must be the “rich” people! ‘

No, not exactly, and yes, it does cost a pretty penny to go, but actually only to stay at the swankiest hotels nearby, or real cheap if you have friends or relatives in the area where these are held. So it depends on location, location, location.

Who are these people, one might ask? Oh, then you might hear a reporter say, “the delegates are….blah, blah, blah”, and so on and so on. “Delegate”, you ask? What’s a “delegate” and how are they able to be “delegates”? What does a “delegate” do? Where does a “delegate” come from? How does one get to be a “delegate”?

Questions, questions, questions start popping up while the rest of the American people are watching with very little interest or not watching at all, and then goes to the polls later on to vote for the next president, whether it be for a known person’s name voting reason, or that it’s a new kind of personality or a new gender just got on the ballot! That’s the typical American voter, all right.

But let’s get back to those questions about those “delegates”, who they are, what they do and how do they get there. If you are interested, then you really do care about how this political system is actually done, and I will attempt to explain it from experience.

My state of South Carolina is conducting its own, what they call it, Precinct ReOrg (or Reorganization) all over each of the counties of South Carolina. This is the second one in the last four years I lived here that I've been to; the last one being two years ago prior to the last of America's Presidential election in 2012. So I have at least one attending experience with this and a good understanding of how it works, at least in my state and county. Let's keep moving on.

Enter the "Political Knowledge Zone"

You are about to be explained one of the best kept secrets of the American political nominating system, so buckle up, sit a spell, take your shoes off and keep the interest pumping.

You watch on the “telly”, or television, all those news reports on legislative actions here, there, everywhere, and you start getting headaches over it. Your heart races as you figure out what you can do about it because you’re sick and tired of these legislators legislating this bill and that bill and they are keeping you pinned down from your liberties and freedoms you grandparents enjoyed. You pound your fist on your easy chair lounger grumbling at the TV saying, “You scumbag politician! I elected you to do a job and now you tell me I can’t do this and can’t do that?!! I’m getting very angry at you!

Well, You’re about to enter the “Political Knowledge Zone”!

I tried to get this information on a talk show radio three times, but they kept dropping my line off the phones, so I just gave up at it. Now I can write about it here.

I don’t know how other country’s political systems are set up and how they get their candidates on their ballots, so I can’t compare or write about that here. What I’m telling you here is from my own experience because I am also a “delegate” in my state, specifically in my county, of the United States. I have no idea how other countries handle their elections.

Each state in the United States of America has "counties". These counties are mapped off per each state's constitution that determines their procedures in a formation of a county. (see County Facts, ) So these counties are already formed prior to any election and they are never "un-formed", unless there is some political dissent of a county and then it has to go to a state's constitution to reform the county or have a county joined with another, which I don't think has been done. But staying on track here, each county then may have, or not have, its own political party conduct their Precinct Reorgs and these are only conducted every two (2) years prior to a National Presidential Election.
There are also called "Districts" which are mapped out according to elections where the political parties actually are allowed to draw their Districts accordingly after each congressional election. District mapping might change the location to where one lives in a neighborhood that was part of one district one year, but might change to another district another year. It all depends on how the people vote in that particular congressional year. That is the "what" and the "why" of how these elections, primaries, nominations for candidates, and those delegates you see at conventions all come together.
It's called "Getting Involved" - my formulating my first three articles in and the basis for all this political know-how, now gets to the "meat" of the matter here.
If you are not interested, click off and go read about the Kardashians or how to diet off that fat belly without really trying, but for those who believe that the political system needs a revamping, this is how its done, this is how to get it done, and this is how to change what you don't like being done. It's called Power to the People, where voting people have the "power" to change things, to get their own political Party in order, shape it the way it's supposed to shape because if we don't do this, every Party's system will collapse on itself as we allow to to from whatever Party it wants to form. We keep the Party in tact, because of what we believe in, how we grew up and how our parents taught us about their own beliefs and values that have been granted down to us from the very start of how our country was formed.
If we just sit around letting someone else do the job, how would you know they are of the same values you hold dear, that you believe and love your country strongly enough to not want it to all go away in vain? Who do you trust to do this?
I know some will say "time" is involved here. Not so much as going out to dinner once a month, and ins't that doing something just for one meeting a month? If you can go out once a month to a friendly gathering, meeting people, talking about things, then doing this for your county and state and country is just a once a month thing, too.
One has to have a little bit of passion for this kind of active involvement, but it hardly takes a lot of effort, just determination to want to do something for your county, state, and/or country. And don't we really want to do something for our country, at least?
So, let's keep moving on. Part Two of this two part series will further explain this. '
Thanks for reading onward.

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National Convention of 2012

"Political Knowledge Zone of Confusion" -- of my own making on my computer Paint program.


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author avatar Retired
9th Apr 2015 (#)

Best article I've read all week. Can't wait to see part two

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author avatar Retired
10th Apr 2015 (#)

"Getting involved" for many means watching CNN on airport monitors.

Smart readers will appreciate your saying how getting involved ought to be done,,,and done right.

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author avatar DeAnna C. Utz
11th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you both. Just seen it like it is and tell it like it is. There is another website that a guy put together in more detail, but it only explains about the precinct end of it.

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