Vote for Me and I'll Vote for You --- Part Two of Two

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Further explanation into the workings and how those "delegates" get to be delegates and how they get tp go to the National Political Party conventions all the time. Knowledge is Power. The People are what makes up this Power. Hence, our Constitution starts out as "We The People". So, here is how "We The People" do it here in America. Let's keep moving on.

County and Precincts of Every State of the United States of America

'>(Part Two of Two)

Every state of the United States of America has what we call “districts”, that’s for the state’s legislative bodies to represent their people in mapped out districts of each state. Every able body person gets to exercise their right to vote by voting in their “precincts”, assigned places, sometimes a school, a church, or a public building, so they can vote for their state Representatives that represent their districts. But then it gets more involved coming into the counties and precincts. Every state has a “county” area, again, mapped out for each county seat for their “county councils”, and they get votes from the counties they represent. Those are the councils of the counties that sit at the counties’ City Halls, usually in every state’s county. They decide on certain county laws that involve the entire county, including all the precincts.

So then it gets down to the precinct levels. These are also mapped out after every two year elections are made, usually our congressional elections. Americans get to vote on their choice for Representatives and/or Senators of both State and Federal positions. The Constitution spells out when these elections are to be made. I won’t go further than that. You can look it up. The precincts is where all voters go to their polls to vote, and this is where this whole process starts up.

Precinct Officers and Delegates

Each political party has their own ways of administrating their party’s rules, and how they fundraise and all those sorts of things. The main point is getting enough precinct officers and delegates to the party to represent themselves to nominate their candidate at their conventions. It all starts out with the precincts. Usually a precinct may involve up to anywhere from 600 to 1000 people, some more than that, some a little less, it depends on how the political parties draw the maps. Yes, that’s how the precincts get their lines drawn, then the district lines are drawn, all by the political parties after these elections are done. Counties stay the way they are, they cannot change. But the districts and precincts can be changed, and sometimes every two years, they change district and precinct lines. You may be in one precinct the first year, then 2 years later, they draw the lines and you just became a member of another precinct because of how the election turned out. That’s how its done.

But a precinct for a political party - and this is for both the main parties, Republican and Democrat, and being a Republican, I can only discern how we do it - is made up of a Precinct Executive Committeeman, Precinct President, Precinct Vice President (2 of those allowed), Precinct Secretary and Precinct Treasurer. A precinct doesn’t necessarily have to have all its officers, but it would be nice. The highest ranking officer of a precinct is its Executive Committeeman, or EC. The EC of a precinct are the ones that make decisions and vote on issues presented at each Party’s Executive Committee meeting. So, whatever the Political Party votes on an issue, the EC has the power of the vote. The Chairman of the political Party has no voting power unless there is a tie of all the ECs in attendance at the meeting(s), then he/she has the deciding vote. But the main thing here is that the EC has the “power” to change things with the Party itself. Also at every precinct are more people called “delegates”. These are the people that come to their Precinct Re-Organizations (or ReOrgs we call it) since there is a vote for those precinct officers and also to get the delegates for their precincts.

Precinct Delegates Get to go to County Party Conventions

The delegates and their officers all get to go their prospective county’s political party’s convention. For this explanation, we’ll call it the Republican Party. Every precinct is allowed so many delegates that is determined from a previous precinct re-org meeting, that’s about two years prior to the current one they are having. If a certain precinct was allowed 12 delegates from the two years prior and only 4 showed up at that re-org two years ago, that highest number will drop down maybe 3 to 6 delegates. It is vitally important to get the people living in your precincts to come to a Re-org to be a delegate for this reason. But once a precinct gets its delegates, after they elected or voted for their officers, they now can prepare to go to the county party’s convention.

Delegates may be elected at the first announcement of the Party’s precinct reorganization day (or evening) or they also may go to a precinct’s reorganization “make-up” day as announced by the Party. If a registered voter (and every precinct officer and delegate must be at least a registered voter, else this doesn’t work) misses the first announced precinct reorganization, and the Party announces a make-up day at a prearranged place, then they may attend that, but they can only be a delegate at the make-up precinct reorganization. The officers elected who attended the first announced precinct reorganization have already been chosen by those who attended the first precinct reorg, hence all that is left are to gain the delegates for the precincts at the make up reorg.

Vote for Me and I’ll Vote For You at the County Convention

All Precincts that are “Organized” with both officers and delegates now get to go to their Party’s county convention at a prearranged date and place. This is where all precinct officers and delegates have the opportunity to elect a new county Party chairman and their officers. If they don’t like the current county Party Chairman, the elect a new one, and same goes for the Vice Chairman, and the County’s State Executive Committeeman.
First precedences are taken in order, by the temporary Chairman of the county Convention - also voted by the delegates to presume over the county convention only for that day and only for the precedences of that day so that the convention runs smoothly without being disorganized.

Then the last precedent is for the county’s precinct’s delegates in attendance to vote for the delegates to go to their state’s Party convention. There are only certain amount of delegates from each state’s county who can attend the State’s Party convention, so what has to transpire is each delegate in each precinct vote for each other to get on the list for the State convention. They may use any type of “vote-getting” they can (within limits of the law that is), like the one I use, “Vote for me and I’ll vote for you” campaign. In the last county convention I attended two years ago, I found myself not being too popular, or well known yet. I was just getting started with my involvement with my political Party (Republican Party of Horry County), and at that time I was only a Precinct President. But I had been attending all the executive Party meetings because my precinct EC (Executive Committeeman) had not been going at times. So, I got interested and went to the meetings. While at that last county convention, I wasn't getting a lot of votes, so I went around to each delegate and ask them that if they vote for me on the ballot to go to the state convention, I’ll vote for them also. It seemed to work in a nice way, and they get their votes as well as I get mine, too. But, alas, I didn't make the top list of delegates on the delegate list to the State convention; but I did make the alternate list. That was in case if someone on the main list to go to the state convention could not attend it, the Party chairman would look at the Alternate delegate list and ask the next person in line if they want to go. I wasn't at the top of that Alternate list either, so I had a "fat" chance of going to the state convention then.

To get to the State convention, I think you have to be among the top 40 (or whatever the number of delegates from each county are allowed) delegates that get the votes on their ballot entries.

Then the tallies are added up and they announce (usually later by emails now) the list of who is going to the state Party convention. I have yet to get enough votes to attend a state Party convention, but I know through first hand how things go on at the state conventions also. More or less the same as the county convention, but a lot more people than at the county convention are seen at these state Party conventions. This is the crucial point here of how the delegates at the state convention get to go to the National Party conventions (usually the Republican and Democrat National conventions). They all vote in the same way of who gets on the list to go to the National convention. So it takes all ones effort to get the votes from someone they don’t even know if they want to attend the National convention for their Party. As in the county convention, the delegates (and precinct officers) might know some people in another county as the counties are very much local in some states. Still, a person needs to get a certain amount of votes to be on that list and all they need to do is ask a person, even if they don’t know them, to vote for them and in turn the delegate asking will vote for that person-delegate also. Tit for tat, give and take, however you want to call it, it’s showing the delegates that this is the first step of politics. Know who likes you and know who don’t.
I suppose that is called "politics". Knowing how to get the votes that you want or need in order to get to where you are going. Even though this is at the bottom rung of the ladder, it's the Stepping Stone of all politics and how these things are done, and maneuvered to go a certain way.

National Convention and beyond....

Once the National Convention has it's sight and date all set, all the states that had their state conventions now will have their delegates to go to the National Convention and vote for their candidate to be nominated by the most votes by those delegates. That's how the process is done, which is usually done by the Roberts Rules of Order. The National Convention leader uses the gavel to quiet the delegates so that they can muster up their nomination for President. There are likely other precedences taking place at the National Convention, and I've never been to one, so I don't know what takes place at these, but I can make a good educated guess.
At the county convention, we also have a precedence for a referendum. If any precinct’s have initiated a “referendum” for the county Party, they may do so at that time at the county convention. A referendum may be something like the precinct wants the county Party to have more fund-raising events so that the county Party can build up its funds to support running candidates in both State and Federal elections. It goes up in front of all organized precincts attending the convention and all attendees vote in favor to add it to the county Party’s referendums or not in favor.
So is the same at a State convention. Each county's delegates that got the votes to go to the State convention, now have their county's referendum(s) to announce to the state's convention for a vote for the State's political Party's platform. A platform is when the political Party stands on a certain fundamental liberty or faith or anything as their top "theme" for the Party. That's the reason for the referendums from every state who get them from every county. So there are many of these referendums to mull over during these conventions. I can assume it's mind-boggling for some, but they get through these with ease, and by the time the states are done with their referendums, it narrows it down to only each state, and that's at least 50.

Go back to your Lounge Chair, then!

All in all, one sees this just every two years and usually right before the Presidential election, so that it can be seen on every television station for their particular Party's people to make their minds up on who they should vote for to be their Leader of their country, this country, this United States of America. And if that isn't good enough to be involved with one's country, then just go back to your easy lounge chair, flip the TV control switch and watch the Kardashians or how to get that belly fat off your belly without even trying. The rest of us educated voters will just have to do without you.

Picture Sources

USA Map - collection of over 560 maps

From the Wall Street Journal, Stein, "Vote for me...." cartoon

Republican National Convention of 2012

"Knowledge is Power" --- my own making on my Paint program on my computer


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This is fantastic information. How needed this is for people who are not involved and don't know how to get involved. A great informative article and I am passing both parts on to people I know who need this information!!

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Well thank you so much, Jesse! Like I said in the article, I tried to get this out on a radio talk show (the Laura Ingram show) but they kept clicking me off their phone lines! I stopped listening to her since. Thanks again! You're a doll!

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I'm wondering what they make that I might want to buy. I must be missing whatever productive output comes from their efforts. Perhaps they just meet, connive, try to influence, or simply hobnob for the fun of it or swap favors because they must. Getting things done must not be one of their measures of success. But, thanks for this piece. Now I know.

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Great info! This is much-needed info. Thanks!

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