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Recently, photos went up with a spider having large wings, granting it the capability to fly. This caused a brief period of terror, affecting those with arachnophobia.

spider with wings

The spider is already a terror, but now it has wings? However, this is just a hoax. There is no such thing as the Winged Spider (At this moment). Its Wikipedia page was deleted after it was found to be false. A similarly named spider is the Yellow Winged Spider, which does not really have wings at all (references the design on its back), and cannot fly. The classification of an arachnid does not allow it to have less than eight legs, and it cannot has antennae or wings.
The first photo is the photo of a “Winged Spider.” The second photo is the original spider, photo shopped to include wings. As you can see, they are practically the same spider, minus the newspaper frame and the wings. Keep in mind that a Winged Spider could still be out there, but has yet to be discovered. Scientists are discovering new species at a rapid pace, but the Winged Spider has yet to be one of them.
Furthermore, there are more criteria for being an insect or arachnid than the number of legs. That’s ridiculous. Yes, insects do have 6 legs while spiders have 8 legs, however, there are always exceptions in scientific classification of the animal kingdom. It’s extremely naive to believe for a second that mother nature has to play by our classification rules.

Also, the idea that no spider could ever be found with the ability to fly is also ridiculous. Yes, it is possible that one day we will find a spider that can fly. There are plenty areas of the world that we have not adequately searched. The giant squid used to be a myth that could not possibly exist. Of course, nowadays we know that it does exist. There are animals that don’t fit our classification methods like the platypus for instance. Also, people fail to realize the reality of classification. Animals don’t change to fit our classification, our classification changes to fit animals.
There actually is a REAL Winged Spider however this is just a common name for it and the “wings” are just patterns on its back. It’s also tiny and not scary at all.
Arachnids are actually removed from insects because of the lack of antennae and wings as well as obviously having 8 legs. The possibility of a real spider being out there bridging the gap between Arachnid and Insect is a real small one.

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