War Lovers

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War is forced on a country and people by powerful, egoistic, sadistic leader ultimately end in destruction of life and property

War Lovers

Since the beginning of mankind on this planet war had been associated with human life. It started with individual fight, then group fight and lastly waging war. If we turn the pages of history we may come across Trojan war, war lead by The Great Alexander, war lead by Napoleon Bonaparte, first and second world war, recent war in the middle east.
Masking themselves
War lovers are still there masking themselves waiting for opportunities. These war lovers have supporters than persons opposing and can able to convince anyone not supporting. They have power to deploy military, command order and destroy anything they want. They do not bother about loss of life, property and plants and animals. They look for war victory only for any price because no one can raise voice against them and even if anyone, the consequences will deter others silencing once for all.
Are they powerful?
Why they love war, is it ego? Can we presume are they powerful, cruel mind, punishing mentality, let it anything can be, their ultimate aim is war and success. If a group revolt and fight with weapons against their leader of the country, they are termed as terrorists or militants or naxalites or by any term fit to the fight where as a nation wage war with another, then it is not terrorism. Funny! Is it not?
Is it ego?
Except egoist, who likes war? Everybody knows the outcome of a war. No one wants war but war is forced, people become helpless. The people of a country are not a party for a war or they support the war lover. These hapless people run away to save children, family and life leaving home and property when war is broken. Why a war displaces people in distress, is it emergency? Why property of people destroyed, government property is of course people's property, is it not? Why the common man is taxed for the war loss after war or during?
Who they are?
War Lovers are enemies of people and peace. They are sadists and killers. They completely change the world into turmoil. They fish in troubled water. Who likes them?


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author avatar viewgreen
6th Jan 2015 (#)

Awesome article and good to share herein. Thank you for sharing this information and it's nice to see you here sir. Have great days ahead in this New year. :)

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author avatar Utah Jay
6th Jan 2015 (#)

I guess we could say that there are those who cause war and force it on others, people or country, who must then either fight back or lose their way of living...War is a two sided thing...It is not so much as we love war as we want our freedom.

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author avatar puncakceria
7th Jan 2015 (#)

interesting article,thank's for sharing...

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