Water scarcity in india

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this page will tell you about the water problems india is facing in summers

diseases due to scarcity

India has the second largest population in the world, Although india has made improvement in improvement of municipal water and the quality of water , but many other natural sources of water are extreamly polluted and contaminated with chemicals and other wastes and it is the cause of many diseases like diarrhoea,typhoid,cholera etc.

quality of water

the quality of water is also poor and there is vast population in india which cannot afford clean drinking water and does not have any resources to clean this water

dried up areas

In summers there is lots of scarcity of water in most of the areas in india most of areas got dried up in summers and this problem can be solved by not wasting water and store excess of water in came during rainy season people use to waste water when it is in excess in bathing, washing there cars , utencils so if we use water according to the requirement and use the other in summers

lack of govt planning

India's water crisis is often attributed to lack of government planning, increased corporate privatization, industrial and human waste and government corruption. In addition, water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the overall population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by year 2050. To that end, global water scarcity is expected to become a leading cause of national political conflict in the future, and the prognosis for India.

irrigation requires water

india has almost 17 % of cultivated land and it also requires proper amount of water in every season that also increases the valuability of water

protective measures to save water

So it is measure issue that we are facing in our country right now and only we can solve these problems by saving as much as water , helping the poor peoples providing them drinking water and stop wastage of water and try to store as much as rain water as we can to solve the future problem that we might face in next 30-40 years.


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30th May 2016 (#)

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2nd Jun 2016 (#)

I commend the potential journalistic career of this author. Hope the article lead to some action frm the government.

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