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After the brutality killing of people by ISIS, Worldwide Anonymous hackers group has come in front to stop this killing through the cyber attacks that are helping the ISIS group financially...

Anonymous Hackers to launch Cyber War against ISIS

“We plan to attack several countries that were knowingly supporting ISIS FINANCIALLY including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We warned that if they continued to support ISIS we would be forced to destroy their virtual infrastructure. And yes we have those who can do this,” one of the member of the hacking group Anonymous told in an interview aired on the Tech 24 Show.we decided to do is instead of attacking them directly we decided to attack their ideologies with truth and logic,”is what an Anonymous Member said when asked about these claims.
In a video publised over this matter, a Guy Fawkes mask with his voice digitally disguised explained the reason behind, Why we are against ISIS:

He said that by launching Operation Ice ISIS, Anonymous wanted to underscore the seriousness of the threat posed by Islamic State militants (also known as ISIL or ISIS) as well as make it clear that the jihadist group does not represent – nor uphold – the values of the Muslim faith.
“We took this initiative in order to establish two things,” he said. “One: We needed the public to understand how urgent the situation is in Iraq. Before the mainstream media took serious direction in reporting the ISIS threat, we were one of the first to communicate it to the masses via the video we uploaded on YouTube in June explaining how and why ISIS came to be. We also made it clear that the United States was not free of blame as it has, directly and indirectly, contributed to the crisis we see today.”
second reason was that we needed to make sure the public knew that ISIS did not represent the Islamic religion. Time and time again, we’ve seen confusion and hatred when news of any group that had called itself ‘Islamic’ surfaced. We were determined not to let that happen again. Muslims and Christians alike have been victims of this tragedy and we were prepared to answer questions and address any concerns that had to deal with this topic.”

Along with this, Anonymous has posted several videos on YouTube in recent months about the Islamic State militants and their actions in the Middle East.

They want this brutal killing down and said, “we planned to attack several countries that were knowingly supporting ISIS financially, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We warn that if they continued to support ISIS, we would be forced to destroy their virtual infrastructure – and yes, we have those who can do this.”

We will keep our eye on cyber attacks regarding the ISIS group done by the Anonymous, and will update the post. If this cyber attack will move futher in a big scale, then we will update the damage list too :)

The IS has previously released some videos of the Brutal killings including American journalist James Foley, Steven Sotloff; a US journalist, and David Haines; a UK humanitarian aid worker.
So ... yet another war for Anonymous to fight...


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