We give money to someone, never free.

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What the government is doing for us, nothing that is true, he does one thing, running the country, but more than that do not, is very low and very constrained.

A good policy or not?

Big government policy in the industry, must already have increased too much about these people, who do not even want to do something with our country.
Every day keeps saying on TV that do not know how to pull all the crooks of all parties, but we trust those on TV?
I say we should not trust anyone, because those are put on television to say those words, after all those in power lead us whatever we do.
Although all promise us out of poverty, all for nothing, why we believe in someone, they all promise and nothing happens.

We are on the ground, most of us struggle to earn money on the net or every day, all the knowledge to go on to earn an honest living, and that in addition to salary.
Why do not we stay in decent job from which to take a good salary and of course we can pay the bills and everything we need.
Because if we just sit on the salary that we take, we only pay bills and eat we would not even buy bread that we can every day.
It is very difficult that we live in a world very cruel not think how to steal more, and how to put us to pay more taxes.
At every step we take, every minute of the day or beat us bills us, and if you can not pay them can lose everything, everything you preserved all that you have worked for a lifetime.

There are very few who see the truth, because most do not know to see, this is because they have been bought with a food or a few dollars, which they receive once a month.
Everything I've learned over time is to go head on and without looking back, to think only in us, and those around us when turn your head might lose much more.
You must know what to do to overcome these mistakes in life, but is ugly and beautiful, it's true.

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