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What happens when someone is invited for a wedding which is too far away to be attended ?This is something which our neighbour, Ramaswamy shared with us.Just read on to know more.Hope you'll know more about value of friendship.

The invitation

Ramaswamy is an employee of a reputed company at a city of a south Indian place.He got transferred a few years back and stays here with family though it makes him feel happy to make a visit whenever possible to his place, the small town from where he was transferred.
Most of his friends and colleagues with whom he has developed intimacy are staying there.So,he tries his best to meet them whenever possible.
Recently, he got an invitation from one of his close and old-friends, Vamsinathan who was working in the same town.It was his son's wedding invitation.
Ramaswamy had to attend the wedding at any cost,as Vamsi , his friend had even called him twice to remind him about the wedding.
Their friendship was very old and Ramaswamy didn't find it necessary to think about the time he had to spend or the distance he had to travel.Though it was on Saturday night,early hours of Sunday,the travel time was pretty long.
And the coming Monday, Ramaswamy had to attend a meeting which was mandatory. So, he had to attend the wedding, but without applying for a leave.
It was a real challenge for him.

Journey never before

Ramaswamy had to check for the route and travel time by all means of transport to visit the place of wedding.Lastly,he felt that there was no option,except to go by bus to his village and catch another bus from there to attend the wedding place.
The time wasn't sufficient enough to travel in a relaxing manner. He had to run for the buses and couldn't have a nap even during travelling as the buses were too rickety.
Finally, by late night, he reached the wedding place.

Swaminathan,his friend was so thrilled and happy to see him, that he kept on blushing.There were many people all around in the wedding hall but the one to be noticed for the pain and trouble taken to travel all the way, was his friend Ramaswamy.

Unexpressible Gratitude

Swaminathan kept on thanking his friend, but only thing Ramaswamy said was,"I came all the way only to see the smiling face and notice the happiness I could give you".
"I could even send my greetings through other means, but I wouldn't have felt the thrill or give you real happiness which I could give this way".

Swaminathan was filled with gratitude towards his friend.There was no other way he could show his gratitude, except to thank him.
Of course, this was after all True Friendship.

Value of friendship

Ramaswamy, bid goodbye to his friend, the next morning and came back, again travelling,restlessly.
By late afternoon, he was at home.That was on Sunday.So, he could have a good nap till late evening.He was feeling as though he hadn't slept for days or weeks.
Just then there was a beep in his mobile.It was a message from his friend.It only showed an incomplete line which he could understand and feel.
He was happy for that single line and so,was able to attend his other domestic courses.

True Friends

Do any of you have such friends ? Have you ever travelled to far away places within stipulated time only to give happiness to others.Do share such experiences if any.There are many of us who need to know more about Friendship and Values.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Nov 2015 (#)

Count me in Gowri, I value friendships very much.

I had an opportunity to visit two of the places I had worked nearly forty years ago! In the first place I could not meet those I knew as they had retired!

At the second place I could meet two who were still in service. One was part time and was eighty years old. He could not place me at first and after a while he shouted - how can I ever forget you - you were my boss!

The second was a young man when I last saw him thirty five years ago; his reaction was instant - how can I ever forget your smile!

I regaled the new staff for half an hour with old stories and then walked my lonely walk! siva

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author avatar gowritells
1st Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing you personal experience.I do understand that you value friendship a lot.Not only me,most of the members here know it better than me perhaps and I appreciate that on behalf of every one.

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